Confirmed: Halo 3 gets 5/5 from GamesMaster Magazine (UK)

Myro from has posted a scanned page from GamesMaster to prove that the UK magazine had in fact given a 5 out of 5 to Halo 3 in a preview of the pre-release, final build of the game.

This update is to confirm the earlier rumor of "Finished Halo 3 Previewed, Scores Perfect 5/5 by GamesMaster Mag."


Please note that the article is not a review. It is a preview of the pre-release, near-final build of Halo 3.

From the scanned page:

GM Says:
The only, only criticism we can think of is that, while it looks great, it doesn't look *amazing*. Which is a stupid thing to criticise it for really. You wouldn't refuse Scarlett Johansson a snog because she had a bit of spinach stuck in her teeth, would you? Of course not, so we'll just have to get over it.

Which basically leaves us with only the good things to say about. And when we say 'good" we really mean, 'exceptional'. One thing's clear: a whole lot of love, and effort has gone into making it a well-rounded game. The single player combat is an evolution of an already near-perfect system - and it's only going to get better with four-player co-op. On top of that you have a multiplayer mode that's simply bursting at the seams with cool features and options demonstrating that Bungie have thought about what people want from the game, and have gone out of their way to deliver it.

Our thoughts then? We're *hugely* excited - mainly because, as a package, few games can claim to be so generous. Make time to play this, this one's going to take some playing...

How Does It Play?
Exactly like Halo. Well, almost - there are subtle control differences, but it still plays and feels exactly like Halo, which, let's face it, is a very good thing - mainly because it reminds you of how much Bungine have perfected it. WHere it feels dramatically different is in the scale. The size of the environments, the amount of enemies, the better AI - everything comes together to make combat in Halo a much grander experience, that's quite simply second to none.

Any Problems?
None *really*. We did feel a slight twinge of disappointment in the fact that it doesn't look *amazing* but that's about it.

Best Bit So Far
Probably getting the Elephant jammed in a canyon, and watching our team perish as Warthogs and Banshees came crashing down from the sky in a mental moment of metal carnage.

GM Verdict

GM Loves
+ The perfected combat
+ The scope of it
+ The awesome multiplayer element

GM Hates
- That everybody online will completely murderise us!

Most Wanted Rating: 5

Four play co-op, epic battles, the best multiplayer ever, huge amount of custom options - this isn't just a sequel, it's a *gift* to anyone who calls themselves a gamer.

Can't Wait?

Most Like: ... Halo 2, 95%
Biggest Rival: ... Call of Duty 4 (TBC)
Out Sooner: ... BioShock, 92%

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MK_Red4099d ago

Well, the first perfect score for Master Chief's final fight. Great find. Waiting for reviews from EGM, OXM and IGN now.

nasim4099d ago

Hopfully halo 3 gets a decent 8/10 given the graphics and non-innovative gameplay

TheMART4099d ago

"Four play co-op, epic battles, the best multiplayer ever, huge amount of custom options - this isn't just a sequel, it's a *gift* to anyone who calls themselves a gamer."

All you need to know!

Lex Luthor4099d ago

why would anyone disagree?

Wii60_FTW4099d ago

cuz they're sony zombies. =]

blikz4099d ago

well, at least they have prove halo 3 is the most wackiest game for long time....right?

Daxx4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )


25 more days and counting.

Let our celebration begin!

Havince4099d ago

this post is BALLS

Why and how you may ask

Well, iv been buying Gamesmaster since issue 1 in like 1993

and even on the pic above you can see that 5/5 is the WANTED rating.

Gamesmaster reviews go by PERCENTAGE not outta 5 scores

ktchong4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

"the UK magazine had in fact given a 5 out of 5 to Halo 3..."

Keywords: ... "in a PREVIEW of the pre-release, FINAL BUILD of the game."

MarioFromTexas4099d ago

This is not a reveiw. This xbots are funny. Come on look at the 5/5 it for mostwanted. this has nothing to do with a reveiw.

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The story is too old to be commented.