Far Too Soon For EA Sports To Tap Out

Kotaku: "It was little coincidence that THQ and Ultimate Fighting Championship waited until Oct. 19 to announce an eight year extension to their exclusive video game pact. That was the day EA Sports MMA released.

EA Sports MMA and UFC Undisputed are a rare pairing, being directly competing licensed sports titles with different ship dates. So you had to figure EA's coming-out party meant open season to its nemesis. And the announcement fit the character of the rivalry well; Dana White, the voluble president of the UFC, has chosen to publicly nurse a grudge with EA Sports, going back to a slight he says the publisher gave the emerging fight promotion when it sought to do a video game earlier in the decade."

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NYC_Gamer2935d ago

EA had its chance to win over the MMA fans with this title and to be honest they failed

Cyrus3652935d ago

Yeah it needed to be alot better since they didn't have big licensed ufc fighters in the game.