Microsoft's Kinect shakes up the video game market, but at what price?

Microsoft's Kinect kicks some life into the video game industry, but will privacy pay the price?

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Cevapi882595d ago

kicks some life into the videogame industry??

i had no idea that it was on a decline let alone dying

"Previously, game controllers were complicated things, equipped with a bewildering variety of non-intuitive buttons and joysticks that required dedication to learn. Different games required different button sequences to jump, run, fight or whatever and each game had to be learned anew. Some games were incredibly complicated, requiring specific sequences of buttons to make particular moves."

im sorry but that BS right there made me rage...if people can figure out a damn TV remote, they can figure out a game controller...this author has never touched a real video game in his life

Megaton2595d ago

Buttons. How the f*ck do they work?

That's pretty much what I gathered from that paragraph. Painful to read that kind of idiocy.

bilbobob2595d ago

any more for the video game market than the wii mote or move. God out comes kinect and people think its the second coming. M$ are no better than any of the others.

Bigpappy2595d ago

Do I think it is better? Short answer is: Yes!

MajestieBeast2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Yep cause move and the wii actually work with good games like smg2 and RE5. While kinect has joy ride(rofl) and sonic ride which is antigrav but it doesnt work which antigrav did. Short summary move>wii>eyetoy>kinec t. Software wise Wii>move>eyetoy>kinec t.

Weaksauce11382595d ago

Move adds nothing but an alternate control scheme, kinect is a whole new experience. Why would I want to play games that are better on a pad with waggle?

AceofStaves2595d ago

I agree with you. I have no idea why some people feel the need to call this gaming's 'Second Coming.' It's an alternate control scheme. That's it.

This excessive, unearned hype is unnecessary.

Equinoxe_72595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Why is it better?

I think it is close to same, but without a controller as move and wii mote.

Parapraxis2595d ago

It's better because he probably spent 150$ on it.

Megaton2595d ago

Actually, I'm pretty sure he was the guy who was proud to be pre-ordering 2 Kinects, so I think he spent $300 on it.

TheGuardianFID2595d ago

is at it again I see!!! 8P 8)

NYC_Gamer2595d ago

the software turns me away

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The story is too old to be commented.