PSP2 : What next for Sony

The PSP had all the makings to be the best handheld ever but fell to the simpleness of the Nintendo DS. When Nintendo made it’s DS the DS Lite sales shot up around the world. Sony answered by making the slow selling PSP smaller and thinner to match, did it work? Well a little but certainly nowhere near the sales of the DS. The DS Lite then becomes the DSi. PSP’s answer is to become the PSP Go, a driveless, cartridgeless affair where downloads were your format of choice. Well that was a flop too. Thing is the PSP isn’t actually that bad a machine firstly I think they were a little pricey to start with, secondly although it had a lot of exclusive games none seemed to have the draw or originality of the DS’s New Super Mario Brothers, Brain Training or Professor Layton and the PSP always seemed to be a bit late with it’s answer.

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DigitalRaptor2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

It wouldn't surprise me if the PSP2 was a beast with all problems from PSP/PSPgo improved. I'm really looking forward to it.

But I hope they don't create boh a PSPhone and PSP2 as separate devices. That would split the PSP consumer base in a very horrible way.

pedrami912693d ago

But not too powerful, we dont want shell out lots of money now would we ?

They need to focus on the parts which the PSP lacked.

- I believe speak for all when i say dual analog sticks.
- Better support, only recently are we recieving lotsa good games for the PSP.
- Better online connectivity.
- A differnt Media format, maybe in the shape of memorysticks. Download Only would kill it, much like the PSPGo.
- Not a must, but a proper games launch line-up.
- Sony needs to find a good solution for piracy.
- No need for overkill tech, they need something good and cheap.

blumatt2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Yeah games could come on Memory Sticks or SD cards instead of battery-draining UMDs. It needs to have dual analog sticks AND all four shoulder buttons somehow (L1, L2, R1, R2) so it can play PS2 Classics when those arrive on the PS Store. Playing GTA Vice City and San Andreas would be dope!! I'm also hoping for a built-in 3G antenna for online gaming, PS3/PSN/PSP2 connectivity, and remote play on the go. But most importantly, it needs to be under $200 at launch. Also a built-in PS Eye camera/microphone on the top wouldn't hurt either as kids could play augmented reality games with it and we could use it as a mic for online voice chat. All of this would be great for a portable system.

vault13er2693d ago

Agreed. Consumers are a picky bunch these days and don't like carrying around multiple devices

longcat2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

The PSP2 need to be able to take advantage of the ps2 library. That is essential if it is to succeed IMO.

There is room for a psp phone as well as a dedicated handheld. Most adults prefer not to be forced to carry about a separate device for gaming. The mobile is a must to keep these people interested in the brand.

Its for that reason that, i think any new dedicated handheld needs to be cheaply priced in order to make it attractive for parents. They need to get to the younger demographic for the psp2 to be a success.

blumatt2693d ago

"The PSP2 need to be able to take advantage of the ps2 library. That is essential if it is to succeed IMO."
I hope they put two analogs and all four shoulder buttons so PS2 Classics can be played on the PSP2. I also hope that the PS3 gets a software emulation patch too. It would suck if the PSP2 could play PS2 games and not the PS3.

OmarsAccount2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I think they should make two seperate devices. Several people aren't going to wanna give up their iPhone, Droid, etc for a PSP Phone. Especially with conflicting companies and services the PSP Phone would be hard to push as a standard gaming device.

I think they should make a PSP2 and PSP Phone, but of course with the same technology put into it [except for the phone functionality of course]. There, Sony will have access to more of the market.

If you disagree with me, please tell me why

blumatt2692d ago

The iPhone/iTouch combination is proof that it would work. People who want strictly a gaming device would get the PSP2 and the others would get the PSPhone (with the PSP2 tech built in as well as a 3G antenna for cell phone capabilities). Both could play the same games but one could be used as a cell phone too.

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tubers2693d ago

I think they won't really go for the overkill tech too.

-decent web browser
-some kind of retina display
-2 analog nubs
-mini HDMI out
-L2 R2 buttons
-better battery
-best graphics among all the of handheld platforms.
-any decent camera even if low resolution (image quality ain't all about res IIRC).

If that happened I think Sony will be competing on it's own PS3. I bet they have all the tech to make it possible and be priced differently but they won't since there might be a good chance it will overshadow or be on "par" on a PS3.

Lifendz2693d ago

Can't tell you guys how much credibility your site loses over a simple typo like this.

s0ph1atr0n2693d ago

I mean just read the article. It's full of typos.

nevin12692d ago

" Secondly it’s also believed to be sticking with the download to memory stick format of games so no more UMD."

Didn't Kaz already stated there not going all digital again?

anyway, one of rumors im not liking is bigger screen. I think PSP 3000 is just fine. Base on ppl's perceptions, it's look like we're going to be carrying around portable HDTVs or Ipads which is stupid.

Can some clarify this info?