MyGEN Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

There are certainly a number of games that will be making an impact into what we will be purchasing this year. But in the not to distant future there's a whole new range of games coming out which are only going to be bigger and better then this years titles. Rockstar invited MyGEN in to their Sydney offices to see first hand how one of next years hottest titles is shaping up, Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

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FirstknighT4128d ago

My favorite racer next to PGR. I can't wait for this beauty.

JPomper4128d ago

Yeah, it's going to be an awesome title.

hep4128d ago

Very impressed by this, nice looking game so far and it looks like Rockstar are using the new RAGE engine to really make a well built game.

It gave the feeling of a cross between Test Drive and the Need for Speed series.