Lost Blu-ray will have Exclusive BD-Java features

IGN Reports:
"Buena Vista will be bringing 3rd Lost Season to Blu-ray, complete with, quoting, "interactive BD-Java feature that reveals truths from each of the show's critically acclaimed seasons." That sounds fancy to us.

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SuperSaiyan44121d ago

Your screwed...However if you have a PS3 then all is not lost lol no pun intended.

Jeremy Gerard4121d ago

we don't know for sure that the PS3 will be able to be updated into 1.1

Karebear4121d ago

This is just a software update away from working. The PS3 is the ideal BD player in that it isn't just a stand alone. If for some reason the encryption needs to be changed on new discs due to piracy, the ps3 is just fine. Other than the fact that the PS3 has no infrared port on the front, its pretty much a perfect player in regards to BD.

ITR4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

We sell the new BDPS300 and it doesn't support 1.1.

My guess the PS3 will get the update, but all the current stand alone's will get screwed over after Nov. of this yr.

Fighter4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I love the show but $124.99 is way too much unless those extra features are really that good. They need to bring down the price.

@ I heard that firmware updates took care of that issue.

Mr Murda4121d ago

Pre-order off of Amazon for just $85, that's a great deal. I just did that same pre-order deal for Heroes Season 1 on HD DVD. Yeah, you gotta wait a day or two to get it shipped to you, but that's worth saving $35-$40 IMO.

macsto4121d ago

MK_Red, do you work for this site? You seem to be here all the time, posting stuff.

[email protected]4121d ago

He doesn't sleep one bit ^_^.

Bolts4121d ago

This is too little too late. Everyone who love Lost must've seen the entire season on DVD already and its hard to justify the absurd pricetag for the BR version.

THE_JUDGE4121d ago

and on Blu-ray, I won't buy it, but I'm sure as hell going to rent it.

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