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Xbox 360 Kinect and Hottest Toys For 2010 Gifts

Product-reviews: The holiday shopping season is almost upon us, so we should start thinking what Christmas gifts we will get our children. (Culture, Industry, Kinect, Playstation Move, PS3, Xbox 360)

4Sh0w  +   1796d ago
"Kinect for the Xbox 360 has only been on the market for two days and has already made the list."

yeah, I think its well deserved, me and my wife and kids been really enjoying the hell out of it. We finally started to explore some of the online gameplay and it was really cool to watch my daughter play online for the first time ever with a random kid in the River raft game, it lets you share pics of the action after the game is complete however they can't save them, very smart and intuitive stuff.

btw its nice to see move is also on the list. nintendo deserves alot of credit, without their vision we wouldn't have these great devices.
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danswayuk  +   1796d ago
Not cheap, but great for family time
Kinect is not cheap, but it will be a great gift that brings the family together this holiday season.
THC CELL  +   1795d ago
fixed, ms has spent 500 million remember. move is far better.

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