Too Human Blog: Variants in Too Human; Plus New Screens

When "Too Human" started its early development phase for next generation platforms Silicon Knights really wanted to create something that was unique. One of the core game mechanics was to focus on melee and ballistic weapons and the strategies in doing so. Giving the player the option to switch between melee and firearms would have been meaningless unless it added to the experience.

In order to overcome this challenge the developers focused on the hybrid nature of the game. They focused on the concept of "variants" to achieve their gameplay goals. Everything in "Too Human" is designed around the principle of classes and variants, and what lies within each of those classes.

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MK_Red4123d ago

Too lazy to read the article but the 3 screens are amazing, specially the special effects but the arenas seem a bit bland and empty.

PS360PCROCKS4123d ago

lol me too mk_red...does look good though.