Kaz to SQEN: FFVII remake on the way?

To celebrate ten years of Final Fantasy VII and stir longings for a FFVII remake, Square Enix held a Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Gallery in Tokyo.

The exhibition is on display until September 2nd in the Spiral Garden and features original art and illustrations for Final Fantasy VII and its spin-offs.

Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai was also in appearance and wrote an English note on the message board (above), which reads:

"Congratulations on 10 fantastic years! The best is yet to come"

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cloud3604098d ago (Edited 4098d ago )

I had a ps3 but gonna get wan wen either FFXIII or VII cum out

SuperSaiyan44098d ago

Well I didnt like it on the PC as the graphics were absolutly dreadful - just square polys moving around on the screen however the CGI was fantastic.

BUT I will definently purchase a remake if the visuals are at least updated lol.

Prismo_Fillusion4098d ago

for me to buy a PS3. Let it happen!

SuperSaiyan44098d ago

Its like me saying I am going to spend £500 upgrading my PC to play Crysis...Sounds a bit daft if you ask me...Same with a console, you dont just buy it to play one game.

You buy it for various games even though I am very much looking forward to FF13 as my primary game there are others that if are very good also I will get them as well.

But what if the 360 gets FF7 remake and PS3 just gets FF13? LOL.

Prismo_Fillusion4098d ago

I'm going to buy either a 360 or a PS3 sometime in the future. This would heavily help out Playstation's cause. But make no mistake, I'm not dumb enough to buy a console for just one game! haha :)

BloodySinner4098d ago

That's a really good question, SuperSayain4. :-P

power0919994098d ago

That would be a HUGE turn of events, but....

Do you really think Sony would let something like that happen?

Something as huge as a FF7 remake would not go over well multi-platform.

DethWish4098d ago

Yeah, I've said that too :P I'd love to see the faces of people signing FF7 remake petitions :D

Bonsai12144098d ago

sony owns the rights for ffvii, so that won't happen

synetic4098d ago

i already spend like 900 euros upgrading my pc to play crysis so what you have so say now ??? ... just shut up ok

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Shadow Flare4098d ago

I would think quite a few million FFVII fans WOULD buy a ps3 JUST for an FFVII remake. This game is simply the best. Yet, the way the game has been designed (world map, landscapes, golden saucer, the Weapons) its begging for a ps3 remake and would be incredible. The expanse, depth, solid story, characters, battle system, vehicles, chocobo farm, fmv's, and the many many cool moments in the game would iterate perfectly on the ps3. It will be awesome

riksweeney4098d ago

I don't agree that Final Fantasy VII was the best one, a lot of people think this though because it was the first one that they played (and probably never finished).

Personally I thought Final Fantasy X was better.

DethWish4098d ago

I finished FF7, didn't play it first of them all... and still think it's the best :P

I did finish FF6,8,9,10,X-2 too..

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