State of Blu-ray: Not So Good?

According to the HD DVD fan-site, the state of Blu-ray (the format in general) is anything but good. Keep in mind that this is an HD DVD site-which may or may not be sponsored by the HD DVD camp-so their complaints might be a little "off."

However, they do provide ample links for the statements they make, which makes us take pause and wonder if Blu-ray really is this deep in trouble.

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Bloodmask4097d ago

HDDVD is the way to go. Cheaper for the consumer and also for the Motion Pictures Industry.

The specs for bluray weren't even finalized when it was released. That is why they are having all of these problems. And from what I read all the Bluray players sold so far will be obsolete when the 1.1 features are released on the new players. Not enough ram in the old players to run all the new features.

HDDVD overall offers a more stable format, more features, and a considerably lower entry starting cost.

snakeak4097d ago

Most people on this site have a PS3 already. Who are you preaching to?

Ghoul4097d ago

that is nonsense, bluray is as good as hd-dvd couse were talking about a storage device nothing else. All this media hype and badpress about each of the camps is just there so some fanboy will praise those quotes all over the net and friends.

If the ps3 continues to sell and soon it will outsell the 360 you will have a much wider bluray player install base then hd-dvd.

hd-dvd has a cheaper player atm but that doesnt count at all couse those few thousand people ready to go with HD dont make a difference.

The difference will start in 12-24 months once HD will start to even compete with the normal dvd untill then EVERY PROGNOSE is pure marketing.

Mr Marbles4097d ago

You guys are dumb, I am a Bluray supporter myself, but I also know a lot about the two formats, and everything he said was true as far as specs go. It doesn't matter if it is coming from a biased source if what he says is pure fact. Now a bunch of what he said was speculation and rumors, aka worthless, but if you look at the facts, Bluray still has some issues that should concern us all who support it.

SlappyMcTaint4097d ago

And you lemmings eat it up like it's FACT. IT'S NOT!. Blu-Ray is the superior format, the more popular format and the most supported format. What about that don't you understand? Some HD-DVD fan site says that Blu-Ray isn't doing that good... well, of course they're gonna say that. It's like reading anti-PS3 stories on a 360 site. DUH.

Read this for a breakdown of the beginnings of the format war -it's a great read!

nasim4097d ago

Blue ray has 67% of exclusive rights to most IPs and this BOT talks trash.

The article is coming from HD DVD camp

BD is outselling HD DVD 3:1 in NA

8:1 in EU

and 9:1 in JAPAN

clownfacemcgee4097d ago

Many of his links just link to random posts on forums with some guy spouting figures out his butt. Such as that Sony's plants can only produce 40% successful BD50's. Or that they dropped to 10% successful BD50's. I could imagine it a hell of a lot worse for Blu-Ray. Being outsold big time by your competitor.

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Antan4097d ago

And no doubt some Blu Ray site will come up with the same, why HD DVD is "Not So Good". Swings and roundabouts.

AliC4097d ago

WOW someone end this war its starting to bore me.

CG4097d ago

I mean sony continus to give millions of FREE blu-ray movies away with the PS3 then claim that blu-ray is out selling HD DVD LOL.

crck4097d ago

Oh thats right. They give away the same amount of discs for players that cost half the price. LOL Whats it up to now? Amazon hooking up 8 HD-DVDs just to get people to buy a $179 360 HD-DVD add-on? Lets say the average movie is worth $20. Buy it please! Its only $20 more then buying the discs seperately. LOL

ReBurn4097d ago

I sure wish that my free Blu-ray movies would get here already. It's been two months!

crck4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Then the DS must being doing horrible against the PSP. Since it also has a 2 to 1 sales lead.

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