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deserteaglexix  +   1798d ago
"Will Bond Games Ever Be The Same?"

Same as what?

"Is Daniel Craig the answer to all problems?"

No, I don't think he's the solution to the crisis in the Middle East nor the global warming issue."

People, learn how to write. Take an English class. Please.
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smithey253  +   1798d ago
nothing will beat playing Goldeneye on my N64. Nostalgia win.
thehitman  +   1798d ago
Best and probably last good 007 game to come out.
Paradise Lost  +   1798d ago
Agree, nightfire was really fun.
tigertron  +   1798d ago
Nah, EON was definatly the last good 007 game to come out. It was brilliant, and I do love Nightfire though, I used to play the multiplayer so much when it came out.

I'm buying Blood Stone later today, so heres hoping that I'll enjoy it.
dragon82  +   1798d ago
I loved Quantum of Solace. The online was some of the most fun I have ever had in an online shooter.
DaReapa  +   1798d ago
Goldeneye 64 will always hold the Bond crown. Nightfire was a good game in it's own rights. But I would have to give #2 to Everything or Nothing. That game still get spins to this day. But in light of the article, I would have to say that as long as Activision have the license, then the answer is a resounding NO - regardless of who is cast as Bond.
earbus  +   1798d ago
i too loved quantum its the best bond for me golden was great though i wont play the new game as its third person not a big 3rd person fan unless its gears or warhawk .
GigaGaia  +   1798d ago
That GoldenEye Wii remake would be good, but Daniel Craig ruined it.
NickVD8  +   1797d ago
Personally I like Goldeneye on the Wii but I think that Blood Stone is crap.
athmaus  +   1796d ago
i havent liked any bong games other than Golden EYe of n64...havent tried new one

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