In-Depth Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

Gameplayer was given a behind closed doors look at next year's illegal street racing 'sim' Midnight Club: Los Angeles. This new RAGE engine is looking the goods.

"It's not a case of more, more and more - although there is more (cars, roads, traffic, etc.) – it's all about presentation. It's the way the game world is delivered which gives Midnight Club: Los Angeles its edge. The soundtrack, the camera angles, the complete lack of loading times, the booming SFX, the world – you're not an avatar driving around Los Angeles… YOU are driving around Los Angeles."

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ilovepswii604126d ago

could this be the other ps3 exclusive rockstar was talking about?

BloodySinner4126d ago

I doubt this would be exclusive. My money is on their other title, La Noire.