New wave of Xbox 360 bans imminent - pirates beware

With the release of Treyarch and Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops a mere 3 days away, millions of gamers the world over are rubbing their hands excitedly at the proposition of going online with the latest in this huge-selling franchise. But Microsoft too is rubbing its hands at the prospect of another record-breaking November for consoles sold, especially if last year is anything to go by.

You see it was about this time 12 months ago that Microsoft enforced a huge wave of Xbox 360 bans rendering the consoles of thousands of pirates essentially off-line only. And it was surely no coincidence that this happened merely days before the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Shazz2757d ago ShowReplies(6)
NYC_Gamer2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

expect a lot of 360 units to be sold after the ban

avengers19782757d ago

and new ones to be purchased... gotta drive those sales up.

Shadow Flare2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

It's stuff like this plus the big rrod fiasco which prove that the 360's real user base number isn't 44 million. It's most likely got a smaller user base then the ps3. Cos it's funny how according to the recent official numbers from Sony and Microsoft that Sony actually sold more software on the ps3, ( a few million more) then 360, despite apparently having a smaller user base. Well, it doesn't. Evidently.

Biggest2757d ago

There are also more game choices and sales regions for the PS3. They may sell comparably in the US, but the 14 people with 360s in Japan don't really use them.

irish-leprecaun2756d ago

then they would ban their IP address and not just their console. we all know they are in it for the money and not what's right for gaming. as posters have said on here if you get a new xbox for 100 dollars and pirate 40 games you are still saving loads of cash.

Sony3602756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Sales are sales, either way Microsoft wins.

catguykyou2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Banning ip is too easy to get around. Also colleges share a single ip for a big group of users then split that connection. You ban the ip they see and all of a sudden a whole dorm can't get on. Plus even with cable Internet you can get a new ip by unplugging your modem for a few hours.

Besides if your willing to go legit and buy a new console why would they want to try to stop you?

Skizelli2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

If you have cable internet with a dynamic IP, you can also get a new IP by changing your MAC address.

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ASTAROTH2757d ago

Pirates are the ones complaining and they doesnt deserved to be allowed to play online. Is good for MS etc. The other point is that MS intentionally overhanded the banning process and they banned A LOT of 360,s that were not pirated. I suffered a ban for a refurbished 360. After that I decided to pirate it. To hell with them as I lost almost a year of LIVE GOLD. Now I have a second 360 (refurbished too) and Im afraid the same thing happens again. If they keep banning their audience, continue to raise the price of everything ( come on 60 for Gold and 29.99 for the 1600 points card??) they will continue to lose fans in the hands of the PS3... or did you believe people are going to buy KINECT at $150 when they could use the money and add the same amount and get a PS3??

maxcer2756d ago

"The other point is that MS intentionally overhanded the banning process and they banned A LOT of 360,s that were not pirated"

this is news to me, are you sure you weren't banned for something else?

darksied2756d ago


"I suffered a ban for a refurbished 360. After that I decided to pirate it. To hell with them as I lost almost a year of LIVE GOLD."

You realize that pirating games doesn't affect MS in any way, right? Unless you only pirated a MS studio game, you haven't cost them anything. In fact, you might have given them more money in your other 360 console purchase, as well as box live gold on that system. So if you were out to hurt some innocent developers and publishers, you succeeded. If you wanted to make MS pay for banning you (justified or not) then you failed.

Pillage052756d ago

Actually I'm pretty sure Microsoft does see a little money of each game sold on the 360. Same with sony/ps3. Correct me if I'm wrong someone, but I believe there are some licensing fees for every game.

darksied2756d ago


I'm sure you're right, but I would assume they would be very small. I doubt MS or Sony make a lot of money for each game sold, and I would more likely believe the majority of their profits are from first party titles and hardware sales.

Regardless, the excuse above is something I have heard many times before (i.e. I hate Sony, I hate Microsoft, so I'm going to pirate their games). Guess what, you're hurting the people we should be supporting, because without developers and publishers, we would have nothing except casual games and systems.

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georgeenoob2757d ago

Yea beacuse MS's main purpose for banning pirates is for a boost in sales. Lmao, good ol' Sony fanboys.

Mikeyy2757d ago

Are you saying the banned indivuals won't go out and buy new 360's?

I do hope you aren't a betting man Georgeenoob.

Sheikh Yerbouti2756d ago

It was a clear driver of sales last year. I am not going to say it was Microsoft's reason for doing it, but the extreme prejudice in banning refurbished consoles makes them seem suspect.

It certainly didn't dissuade them. If this happens again, I can see a lawsuit brewing, Terms of Conditions or not.

PSK222756d ago

The truth is the truth dawg, Facts are facts but its the real deal, MS get a boost in sales because of this.

silvacrest2756d ago

isn't the timing a little to perfect for MS? kinect just launched, CoD is coming in 3 days and the PS3 is catching up pretty quick too, add mass banning and they are all but promised strong sales for a while

Sony3602756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I think only gullible idiots believe that Microsoft bans pirates solely to increase sales.

Pirates buying new consoles (IF they buy new consoles)are a side effect of bans. Boost in sales? Yes, no one is denying it could happen. But you're stupid if you believe that's the only reason Microsoft ban pirates.

darksied2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I have to agree as well. I'm sure MS's main reason isn't a boost in console sales, but I guarantee they know what they're doing. They ban people from xbox live, and many of those people will go out and buy a new console. Not only that, they will buy xbox live gold again, so that's another little boost in profits. It makes sense, and there's one reason alone that I will always believe MS KNOWS about this and will keep doing it: they don't brick the consoles. If they TRULY cared about stopping piracy on their system, really stopping it, then they would put a clause in their TOS warning people, and instead of banning when they caught someone, they would brick their system and ban them for life (name, address, email, etc), NOT JUST THAT ONE CONSOLE.

I guarantee you that if 100k or 1m consoles were not just banned but bricked and those many people were banned from ever having an xbox account again (or better yet, reported to an anti-piracy agency), there would be a lot less piracy on the 360. Not to say that it would be easy for MS, or that it would completely stop piracy on the system, but it would be a truly effective scare tactic.

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punkpop1012757d ago

Now we blame Microsoft for driving sales with banning pirates but when we had the the ps3 jailbroken everything was against the pirates huh?

gamingdroid2756d ago

Sony also removed the Linux feature in the name of hackers!

That affected legitimate users!!!

AwakenTheTaco2756d ago

sony removes features because of hackers...

gigaware2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

IamFamous says:

"Idk why they got disagrees.....
u realize that MS does this before holiday season EVERYTIME.....

MS said they bricked over 1 million Xboxes before last xmas season."

Perhaps you think this because the XBL updates with new tools to fight piracy that is part of the overall updates are always at the the end of the year?

silvacrest2756d ago

if you think that is just a coincidence then you are crazy

phinch2756d ago

i think people would just get fed up of it after the second time

silvacrest2756d ago

and its not like they need to buy everything again, just the console it's self, nothing more

also from a pirates point of view it is cheaper to replace a consoles once a year then actually buy games

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HairyArse2757d ago

The interesting thing for me is that Microsoft waits until the release of Call of Duty and not Halo.

Shows where they place their confidence. Surprisingly not in their own games.

kaveti66162757d ago

Well, maybe MS is confident that Reach is a game worth paying for, and therefore won't be pirated. But they're not confident in COD, so they ban them then.

See how easily everything is spun?

vhero2757d ago

Its also to do with Kinect too don't forget not just COD. This was timed PERFECTLY. I knew this was coming I mean seriously all the pirates expected it too.

Baka-akaB2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

nothing to do with confidence or lack of .

When you've got two big (three even with fable 3) highly profiled titles so close from each other , what are you going to do ?

Are you going to waste time banning after each ? No you jus wait for the second one to come up .

Vhero has a point too . Every kinect game isnt already downloadable . That's a lot of stuff to try protecting , even for a short while

morganfell2757d ago

Microsoft waits until sales matter outside the game industry - such as Christmas sales - to do this, and they know things don't look good without it since Sony is bringing GT5 and some killer games. It's all about the games.

MS brings their sales and Sony brings the games. Would you rather have the 7 course meal or the proof you paid for it.

MS realize that making up sales numbers that are a million more than you shipped won't work again. Especially since the day after Greenburg told his lie he was countered by his own higher ups. Laughable.

What they don't see is that some of those people will not go back to the 360 if banned. Will some of them? Absolutely. But quite a few won't. Now that they have had a good look at Kinect, they see the empty warehouse where Microsoft keeps their exclusives *cricket cricket*, they look at Sony's exclusives and see what's coming and those people will come to the dark side.

Let MS go ahead and do it. Just more people in the Sony camp that will come to know it's all about the games.

Baka-akaB2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

mmm not buying it morgan . If anything those people pirating on 360 and leaving when banned, will just come do the same on ps3 .

With nothing of value gained for either camp . And there is obviously some interest in kinect (and move mind you) , enough to have all its games being available ripped and dilligently downloaded .

You forget a bit the mindset of a guy with everything for free at his fingertip . He wont care if its good or bad usually , he'll just often collect everything available and probably play it .

morganfell2757d ago

They would except the pirating on the PS3 has been closed. If you own a PS3 and understand what they were doing then you know they shut the door.

People look at such incidents as a good reason for a change. And if they care about games then they know the house of Sony is the place to be. The majority? But Sony will get sales of the MS ban.

Nathaniel_Drake2757d ago

It's very hard to pirate on the PS3, that has already been shown

Agree big time on the sales vs games aspect

yippiechicken2756d ago

I can't imagine there would be very many pirates that would buy a PS3 after their 360 gets banned. Isn't their whole reason to pirate is to get the games for free? If a pirate switched to the PS3 and had to buy all their games, they could only buy about 6 games for the same price as getting another 360 and getting all it's games for free.

To be honest, I would bet a lot of pirates already own a PS3 also if they are into gaming for the love of games and not just having a 360 for free games.

I have never pirated a game in my life so I could be way off in my thinking here but it just kinda makes sense to me.


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Theonik2757d ago

Well they've been doing this close to CoD releases for a bit now. Not really surprised. Anyone would have called it for Black Ops.

maxcer2756d ago

"The interesting thing for me is that Microsoft waits until the release of Call of Duty and not Halo."

you ever stop and think these bans happen just after the fall update?

..ooh no wait im on n4G, nothing but conspiracy and underhanded MS tactics at work here. smh

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sak5002757d ago

well than i guess MS has been banning consoles since the launch of slim as the sales of 360 had been higher than ps3s since past 7 months.

Your SONY bible excuses 101 should be updated by now.

Shazz2757d ago

u.s doesnt = the world m8 coz ps3 still outsells 360 in europe and japan

kaveti66162757d ago

Europe and Japan don't equal the world mate, because 360 still outsells in the US.

Or how about we stop talking about sales?

Elven62757d ago

Where the heck are people getting European sales figures from? I've been asking for them every time someone brings it up since the ones I look at (on Chart Track for software at least) don't have numbers.

No one responds...

Thecraft19892757d ago

Elven6 sony publish them on there official site I got link from some one before can't see find it. Its page with all sales added up in each quarter for everywhere in the world.

Elven62757d ago

Yes but unless Sony also includes Xbox 360 and Wii sales figures I don't understand how people can say it's outselling in Europe.

The only regions we do have solid figures are Japan and until a few weeks ago, USA.

Mikeyy2757d ago


All 3 companys release Quarterly Reports. You just need to look harder.

Karum2756d ago

Consider that we've had NPD for the US and it reports that 360 outsells PS3 in the USA.

Also take into account that Microsoft released a year earlier and had around a 10 million or so head start on units sold/shipped or whatever.

Now consider that both Sony and Microsoft have just released figures of their units sold/shipped or whatever and the difference is around ~3 million or so.

We get Media Create figures from Japan on this very website, PS3 outsells 360 there.

Europe is one of the top 2 gaming markets in the world, USA, Europe and Japan being the big 3. We know that 360 owns the US, PS3 owns 360 in Japan. Now considering the gap has been closed so much without the US situation having changed too much, would you not agre that even ithout having actual sales figures for the region that the PS3 has used that other big market (Europe aka the SCEE region) to close the gap, thus outselling the 360 in that region?

I'd say it's a very safe assumption that PS3 outsells the 360 in the SCEE territory, which I believe also happens to be a bigger territory in terms of countries included than it is for Microsoft.

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2757d ago Replies(3)
HairyArse2757d ago

What's this got to do with Sony? There's no mention of Sony or sales of the PS3. This article is nothing to with console wars nor favouring one console over the other you douchebag.

Blaster_Master2757d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sheikh Yerbouti2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


It is because every 360/MS criticism is due to Sony fanboys as if 360/MS is perfect.

*circles around ears*