How to redeem PSN codes through your PC

Badass Panda: A quick guide on a topic which not many people seem to know about.

Being able to access your PSN account management through your internet browser is a feature which has been available for a long time now, however, not many people seem to use it, despite its advantages.

One example of an advantage is the fact that you can enter PSN redeem codes in and download them when you get onto your PS3. Seeing as this feature is frankly under-used, i thought i would put together a quick guide on how to redeem a code through your PC (or Mac). This feature in particular can be very useful when a redeem code is exposed and you don’t have the time to start up your PS3 before you whack it in.

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kasasensei2723d ago

OMG buddy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tip!!!!
i was unable to download some items and now it works like a charm!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

xg-ei8ht2723d ago

Also, this is how people won the beta codes:)

radphil2723d ago

That explains a lot of things. Been wondering how the hell people could split-second use those things fast.

hazelamy2723d ago

media go works too if you've got that.

2723d ago
2723d ago
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