Viking: Battle for Asgard - Eurogamer Preview

Fighting alongside hundreds of rampaging Vikings is the sort of thing PS3 and 360 are meant to let us do, and given Creative Assembly's Total War background it's no surprise to learn that Battle for Asgard - despite its third-person action premise - is focusing fairly heavily on that. What makes this particular deviation interesting though is the idea of influencing the battle rather than just managing it.

Battle for Asgard's rolling hills, craggy mountains and lolloping oceans sprawl comfortably around towns and forts, most of which are under Hel's control and need to be wrested back. To achieve this, however, you're going to need to build up an army.

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Dr Pepper4072d ago

Wow. This is the first time I've heard this game, but it seems to be really cool. Looks like it will have pretty epic battles as well. I can't wait for more info.

MK_Red4071d ago

Well, I really didn't like their first console game (Spartan: Total Warrior) but this one looks way better and much more promising.


Nothing beats, having a Viking in an openworld environment, Now all they need to make sure is that they give him the ability to traverse on horseback and Viking Ships as well.

You know, those big ass Budweiser horses, that can pull Houses? Those.