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Kinect responsible for a whole new spate of game-related injuries as dad knocks son out with elbow

When Nintendo first released its hugely-popular Wii console there were a stack of news articles reporting how overly-enthusiastic gamers were breaking their TVs by accidentally throwing their Wii Remotes at them. Well after the release of Microsoft's Kinect it looks like there's now going to be a raft of videogame related injury reports, especially if the video below is anything to go by. (Kinect, Xbox 360)

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Lovable  +   1639d ago
I feel sorry for the kid. I bet he/she lost a tooth there.
iMaddy   1639d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(9)
LordMarius  +   1639d ago
lol, here is another injury
Dante112  +   1639d ago
She slapped the s*** outta that kid. O_O
-Alpha  +   1639d ago
I can't stop laughing, I know I shouldn't but it's too funny
baodeus  +   1639d ago
hum, this might seem like a good idea for asian parent who want to beat up their kids, but can't do it legally here in the U.S. But w/ kinect, it is possible.
gypsygib  +   1639d ago

Kinect may produce some physically and emotionally scarred kids. "why did mommy slap me so hard I fell over?"
DORMIN  +   1639d ago

I guess you can say


this is another way family's can Kinect.
KillerPwned  +   1639d ago
ooo that made me chuckle this kinect stuff is really funny.
Lightsaber  +   1639d ago
OMG these videos are funny as hell
ComboBreaker  +   1638d ago
If you have a small room,
expect the other player to elbow your face a lot.
Greek God  +   1639d ago
or a nose/eye maybe head??
zeddy  +   1639d ago
i hope that fam get some law suit going on microsoft because your dad shouldnt knock you out while playing games.
Dac2u  +   1639d ago
Yes, that's exactly what the gaming industry needs, more frivolous lawsuits.
TheLastGuardian  +   1639d ago
I lol'd. They look so stupid playing Kinect.
Anorexorcist  +   1639d ago
You see, Kinect does work.
It works at being a new excuse to CPS for parents abusing their kids.

"Now remember, I hit you because we were playing Xbox, and not because you went into my liquor cabinet and you threw away my cigarettes, you got it!!!!!"
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Imperator  +   1639d ago
Well, every game does tell you to give yourself elbow room... so I don't think they can sue. Still, I expect to see a LOT of kinect related injuries.
gravemaker  +   1639d ago
it's his fault, not kinect's
AllroundGamer  +   1639d ago
always be sure to have a big house with a biig living room before buying Kinect, that should also stand in big letters on the box. :D
Nitrowolf2  +   1639d ago
Holy F that had to hurt
another thing is why would you upload a video of your own son getting hurt?


It's still a Kinect related injury
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r1sh12  +   1639d ago
hell yea...It was uploaded because they found it funny?
Its the same with all motion devices, if you dont have space someone will get hurt.
patterson  +   1639d ago
Males usually have good spatial awareness but that dad is... wow.
Fishy Fingers  +   1639d ago
awiseman  +   1639d ago
This is part of the whole motion gaming arena
The same issues occurred with the wii when it was released and im sure it would also occur with psmove(although to a lesser margin as it is aimed at a more mature audience). This site is run by fanboys trying to destroy kinect. If this happened on Move it would be reported as spam/lame. Buying Kinect, users should have already accepted that this is a risk and will remain so. Its the same thing the Nintendo had to do and add a strap...
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blackburn5  +   1639d ago
With Kinect making people jump around when they usually don't, expect more injury and damage reports soon. Why do you think the people who demoed Kinect were usually physically fit and in an open out area? People never understand the tricks Microsoft uses until it's too late.
GCO Gamer  +   1639d ago
Whe else saw that coming?
I mean, its going to happen when to people are using their bodies. I just think its stupid that people are surprised because of this, they where way to close.
KillerPwned  +   1639d ago
Correct you are this stuff should be expected, I been saying this to and i bet their will be people filing lawsuits or something. They wont get anything or MS will give them something to shut them up.
units  +   1639d ago
father fault
not kinect fault
BYE  +   1639d ago
Kid's fault, he stuck his head out in the other player's space.
Shazz  +   1639d ago
the reason these injurys seem to be happening is way you need to stand close together when theres more than 1 player playing
Greek God  +   1639d ago
Rated R
enkeixpress  +   1639d ago
... That looked powerful :D
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Kran  +   1639d ago
Im pretty sure theres a health and safety leaflet somewhere.... DOES ANYBODY READ THESE NOWADAYS?!
enkeixpress  +   1639d ago
Oh yeah sure... As soon as I've unboxed a cool new gadget I brought home, I immediately do nothing but read the entire health & safety leaflet. -_-

... No dude, I want to play with it! :D
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Kran  +   1639d ago
I dont read it either.

But people can't blame Kinect for this when the same could be done with PS Move.
AllroundGamer  +   1639d ago
i smell a lawsuit...
BLAKHOODe  +   1639d ago
father and kid's faults.. it was an accident. it happens. but as someone else says, any physical activity can (and probably will) lead to injuries. sports players get injured all the time. people that goto the gym and work-out get hurt. it just happens.

but much like nintendo jumped on the issue of throwing the Wii-mote into TVs, microsoft needs to educate players on respecting the play areas of others and being aware of each players location and what-not.
MajestieBeast  +   1639d ago
Dads elbow kinected with sons face.
FAGOL  +   1639d ago
SSKILLZ  +   1639d ago
This All I Got To Say

nnotdead  +   1639d ago
that was great. bubs
TheColbertinator  +   1639d ago
I feel sorry for the girl.She had to play that stupid Kinect crap
SSKILLZ  +   1639d ago
lol gir? lol
Tron_Rocks  +   1639d ago
Kinect Responsible?
yah the Kinect is the Dummy in this case and not the Dad... Oh wait I guess the Kinect probably said stand close enough to knock out your opponent literally.

These articles are lame. Kinect expects you to be responsible enough to use. We are a family of 6 ages from 5 to 43 and not issue one. We have played Kinect at least 30 hours since release.

Dumb articles seem to attract to N4G way too many times.
Anorexorcist  +   1639d ago
I'm not too sure about the entire working photographical perimeter of Kinect,
but it may well be Kinect's fault. If games require two people playing simultaneously to stand within a relatively close range of each other to both be effectively recognized by the camera, it could be a peripheral fault.

Otherwise you could play kinect games less passionately and just look over your shoulder and move slowly to avoid hitting anything.

Ergo, perfect peripheral for senior citizens???
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FordGTGuy  +   1639d ago
No it doesn't
At 8 feet away from the Kinect you should have at least 2-3 feet between each other. My brother is 6'1" and I'm 5'10" and we have no problem playing next to each other.

Even when we play boxing as we upper, hook and straight punches. There is no reason those two should have been so close to each other.
Dark-Cloud  +   1639d ago
wahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaa haha
i told you , kinect is funny ...
Garrus_Vakarian  +   1639d ago
Who cares? Stuff like this is bound to happen.

SpitFireAce85  +   1639d ago
His teeth care or a broken nose or a black eye...
you would not be saying who cares if it happened to
you or your kid...
zzji55   1639d ago | Spam
Shield  +   1639d ago
Kinect responsible?
Okay, just like guns kill. Right!? /sarcasm

The player(s) is responsible for his/her own actions.
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OtherWhiteMeat  +   1639d ago
reminds me of Chris Rock
“Gun control? We need bullet control! I think every bullet should cost 5,000 dollars. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystander .”
EvolZero  +   1639d ago
Are so many videos conveniently recorded for the masses on YouTube. Either way. Dudes fault. Not the hardware.
GoldPS3  +   1639d ago
Haha I knew these vids will show up soon. Expect more to come.
Lyr1c  +   1639d ago
It isn't Kinect's fault, but it does bring up one other issue. Not only do we need a large amount of space between the TV and couch, but we need quite a distance from Wall-to-Wall horizontally.

I'm telling you. The space requirements for this thing are whats going to hurt it.
Denethor_II  +   1639d ago
The kid probably said he was gonna beat him at a game of Sonic Freeriders in a fun way, but his dad showed him.
ExitToExisT  +   1639d ago
these kind of accidents will happen every day. I guess kinect isnt meant to play at small rooms
ASSASSYN 36o  +   1639d ago
I guess we should get rid of cars, and airplanes also given accidents from those DO happen everyday.
Lyr1c  +   1639d ago
How is that relevant?

Cars would have to require more room than the road gives for the connection to be even remotely valid.
jrbeerman11  +   1639d ago
now i have a reason to be glad kinect exists.

Wasn't planning on buying one but this video is priceless. I'm sure plenty more are to follow.
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