Kinect responsible for a whole new spate of game-related injuries as dad knocks son out with elbow

When Nintendo first released its hugely-popular Wii console there were a stack of news articles reporting how overly-enthusiastic gamers were breaking their TVs by accidentally throwing their Wii Remotes at them. Well after the release of Microsoft's Kinect it looks like there's now going to be a raft of videogame related injury reports, especially if the video below is anything to go by.

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Lovable2451d ago

I feel sorry for the kid. I bet he/she lost a tooth there.

iMaddy2451d ago ShowReplies(9)
Dante1122451d ago

She slapped the s*** outta that kid. O_O

-Alpha2451d ago

I can't stop laughing, I know I shouldn't but it's too funny

baodeus2451d ago

hum, this might seem like a good idea for asian parent who want to beat up their kids, but can't do it legally here in the U.S. But w/ kinect, it is possible.

gypsygib2451d ago


Kinect may produce some physically and emotionally scarred kids. "why did mommy slap me so hard I fell over?"

DORMIN2451d ago


I guess you can say

this is another way family's can Kinect.

KillerPwned2451d ago

ooo that made me chuckle this kinect stuff is really funny.

Lightsaber2451d ago

OMG these videos are funny as hell

ComboBreaker2450d ago

expect the other player to elbow your face a lot.

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Greek God2451d ago

or a nose/eye maybe head??

zeddy2451d ago

i hope that fam get some law suit going on microsoft because your dad shouldnt knock you out while playing games.

Dac2u2451d ago

Yes, that's exactly what the gaming industry needs, more frivolous lawsuits.

TheLastGuardian2451d ago

I lol'd. They look so stupid playing Kinect.

Anorexorcist2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

It works at being a new excuse to CPS for parents abusing their kids.

"Now remember, I hit you because we were playing Xbox, and not because you went into my liquor cabinet and you threw away my cigarettes, you got it!!!!!"

Imperator2451d ago

Well, every game does tell you to give yourself elbow room... so I don't think they can sue. Still, I expect to see a LOT of kinect related injuries.

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gravemaker2451d ago

it's his fault, not kinect's

AllroundGamer2451d ago

always be sure to have a big house with a biig living room before buying Kinect, that should also stand in big letters on the box. :D

Nitrowolf22451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Holy F that had to hurt
another thing is why would you upload a video of your own son getting hurt?


It's still a Kinect related injury

r1sh122451d ago

hell yea...It was uploaded because they found it funny?
Its the same with all motion devices, if you dont have space someone will get hurt.

patterson2451d ago

Males usually have good spatial awareness but that dad is... wow.

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