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TheMilitaryGamer purchased a XBOX Kinect Nov. 4th and finally got his review out for the masses to read. Yes it's a great system and hell of a lot of fun, but has a few issues with body tracking but overall a great product. Read more!

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Terror_B2808d ago

Another great review, cue all the butthurt PS3 lames.

Bereaver2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I know.... I shouldn't feed the flame but.....

"I could tell there was a bit of delay from my actual movements to what was in the game. There were times in menus that I would move my hand over the icon to select but my hand on the screen was bouncing around, however my arm and hand was perfectly still. So even though this is an excellent technology it isn’t perfect. It’s reading your body and having to make the calculations as quickly as possible. The Playstation Move however uses sensors on its controllers so the PS Eye can see it all, and I do feel that the PS Move has little to no delay and isn’t as easy to misconstrue what the movement is actually being performed."


"My wife played a bit with me the other night and she enjoyed being able to box me, and just have fun. In fact I was getting a work out just boxing against other XBOX Live players."

A military guy, getting a work out from slow shadow boxing?

Check out the last paragraph lolol

With it’s high price and annoying cable setup, and minor (ever so minor) tracking issues I have to say that despite all of that, the Kinect put a smile on my face and had me fist pumping when I beat someone up while Boxing or moving my whole body in Kinect Adventures.

High price? Annoying cable setup? Minor tracking issues?

Shazz2808d ago

you can bet your ass move wouldnt be getting 4/5 reviews if it had those problems that the reviewer mentioned .

NecrumSlavery2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )


Not even going to reply anymore based on logic. Fanboys won't listen.

So I'll just say it how it is. Kinect is mediocre camera with good depth percision. Kinect doesn't deserve a free pass. Everyone says the same thing, but some score it low and others score it high. The camera has been downgraded to fit costs and the only game with good reviews are Dance Central.

Fanboys run amuck on N4G. Can't say anything negative or called a troll. I never troll. But I am not love just cause. I got games on all consoles I love, and some I hate.

On N4G, you either walk on egg shells in the middle, or get labled a troll for "said console".

gigaware2808d ago

You guys are looking silly now. Just give it up.

ct032808d ago

8/10 is a solid rating, but not a perfect one. So it only makes sense that reviews list a few cons among the pros. If the review only mentioned the pros, then the 8/10 would have to be a 10/10.

However, Bereaver and his brethren then go ahead, only quote the negative things and ignore the overall verdict + rating. That's what true fanboyism is all about.



I agree that they didn't give it perfect score so they listed cons, but I see what people mean by every review pointing those flaws, afterall Kinect is a controller and the flaws pointed (responsiveness, input lag, setup, price) are the ones that usually make or break any controller (together with cheap pots for analog sticks when it's the case).

The only good thing people have being saying about Kinect is that it's innovative and fun. I partially agree it's innovative, it's an EyeToy all over again but props to MS for widespreading the concept and giving it new uses as voice commands and menu navigation. Fun is another matter, is a controller supposed to be fun or a good CONTROLLER... or should we be asking for both? Personally I only enjoy fun if it works as supposed to first or it will become more annoying than fun, and I know many other think like that, this exactly what we all claimed to be Wiimote's free pass on the media, just because it was new and fun the media ignored it's problems.

So personally I believe 8/10 is too high, as many other reviews also show, featuring the same pros and cons but giving way lower rating and negative veredict. But it's fair to say that many other reviewers believe those cons aren't that important and rate it higher, as this review.

The problem? The review system is flawed. If we can't even agree on what is important or not in a controller, how could us guide ourselves with scores or veredicts that are randomly made, 90+% of those reviews don't have review/score standard with categories and weight on final rate... Veredict and rate are the only parts of a review that can (or even should) be ignored, as we all have different priorities, you saying this is fanboyism makes no sense at all.

Now that double standard with what happened to the Wii in the past, where in Wii case we said it got a free pass and now in Kinect case you say it's just so good people really should ignore cons... Now that is fanboyism.

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Shazz2808d ago

@gigaware i must say dude for someone who bangs on about how amazing kinect is you seem to be on here a lot more than playing it ? is that coz you dont have kinect

cstyle2808d ago

all of you sony fans look pretty stup now for doubting kinect. Its great technology period.

Cevapi882808d ago

everyone is so damn STUP!!....everything about your statement is 100% accurate...i cannot disagree

TheDeadMetalhead2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

It's so much stup...

2808d ago
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