Amazing Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Gameplay Footage of Nuketown And Gunship Killstreak.

2 new videos of the black ops. Team Deathmatch and Demolition on Nuketown. Footage includes theatre mode and gunship killstreak. Enjoy

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scar202781d ago

Watch video and go to 17.40 and he gives u a hint i guess at activating sumthin.

meetajhu2781d ago

I can't take my eye of your avatar

will112781d ago

Can someone please tell me how you control the gunship? I know you shoot with LT and RT but how do you fly it?

pr0digyZA2781d ago

@will11 I believe you use your analogue sticks and move around as if you are walking. I think the game automatically dictates height level so that you don't crash, but in all you play as if you are on the ground just higher up.

Corepred42781d ago

geez those graphics are crappy. come on treyarch at least keep it on par with mw2! and the guns look like they took them from the nintendo 64 version of goldeneye!

gtamike2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )


Shackdaddy8362781d ago

I think nuketown is gonna be my favorite map.

Canidae2781d ago

Dude was beasting on that map, and once that gunship came out it was all over for the opposing team.

TrevorPhillips2781d ago

Nuketown looks so fuckin sick, im sorry I just had to swear :D

Dazel2781d ago


To many random nade kills for my liking.

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The story is too old to be commented.