Here Comes the PlayStation Phone Knockoff

M.I.C. Gadget writes:The new photos of PlayStation Phone were unveiled last week, and today we have a knockoff of it. Yes, this is hell quick and we want it badly. It’s just 399 yuan (about $60)!

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tdogg060519912786d ago

How do they do it so fast?

awesomeperson2786d ago

Dunno, if you didn't know better it looks so legit someone not keeping up with the news could easily be sold it if they pretended it was a real PS phone.

zeeshan2786d ago

They must have a separate ministry for reverse engineering in China!!!! That my friends was blazing fast! Maybe they got their hands on the original blueprints of the psp phone?

tdogg060519912786d ago

Thats probably a PSP Go knockoff with a different interface. It would make sense I mean the buttons are all oriented in PSP Go fashion the PSPhone looked like it had dual analogs.

sinncross2786d ago

They just ripped off the design of the PSP Go and turned it into a phone... hardly fast.

FFXI1012786d ago

True, just look at imitation iphone, ipad they sell on ebay. They sure know how to do it and do it fast.

vhero2786d ago

they probably started making it when the first pics were on the net and it wasn't confirmed a couple of months back.

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IrishYamato2786d ago

It says 'PSP' on the back- cant they be sued for that?.

Chuk_Chuk2786d ago

It also says playstation portable.

fossilfern2786d ago

Its China im sure nothing will come of it

Relice2786d ago

Another chinese cheap fake.

10thnightvolley2786d ago

gotta love these guys n their speed wow

2786d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.