Holographic TV- You Could Be Playing Games And Watching TV As Early As 2017

"Think back to Star Wars where a hologram of Princess Leia was shown or perhaps in Halo, we've seen them in games and movies now they are set to become a reality..."

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My next TV will be a HTV and not any of the current garbage 3DTV's in the market.

SixZeroFour2628d ago

this is what i have been saying all this time against the current 3d waiting for holo over this current "fake" 3d stuff

truegame2628d ago

The Good 3D TV are also the best 2D TV's. Also you can get a good 3D/2D TV which is 3D ready, so you don't spend a ton of cash at the same time. It looks like in the next 3 years most to all standard TV will come with the 3D ready option.

Kurisu2628d ago

Technology moves so fast, pretty amazing really.