Tech Analysis: Killzone 3 [Digital Foundry]

Almost two years on from release, Killzone 2 remains one of the most technologically advanced shooters available on console. According to Guerrilla Games, the game runs using just 60 per cent of the PlayStation 3's SPU satellite processors. Factoring in this "leftover" power, combined with lessons learned in developing Killlzone 2, hopes are high that the sequel will prove to be a significant advance over its predecessor in terms of both tech and gameplay.

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trounbyfire2631d ago

wonder what KZ3 is doing to make it look so darn good

Death24942631d ago

even Digital Foundry agrees that Killzone2 has no equal on consoles. I've been preaching this for the longest and now it looks like the tech gurus have finally caught up. While Crysis2 looks damn good, Killzone3 looks damn good(2)=Squared.
If you look at the infamous 2005 Killzone trailer, I think it's safe to say GG surpassed that a long time ago.

units2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

digital foundry said killzone 2 was one of the most technologically advanced shooters available on console not the most technologically
advanced shooters available on console so enough with the word spinning

RedDragan2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I loved that Killzone 2 2005 trailer, and I loved Killzone 2. But neither the Killzone 2 game nor Killzone 3 game gets anywhere near that trailer.

You are seriously deluding yourself if you think the game even comes close.

I have attached the video from my youtube channel... now are you seriously trying to tell me that the game even gets halfway as graphically immense as this?!

No, I didn't think you did... so why did you say it in the first place?!!?!?!?!?

RedDragan2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

to embed a video of any Killzone 2 or Killzone 3 gameplay that surpasses the above embedded video.

Come on... where is it? Surely you fanboys must have at least one example? One? 1? Go on.... just a little one?

Nope? Didn't think so!


MeatPopsicle2630d ago

My god. There are still people trying to spread lies about Killzone 2?

Killzone 2 Trailer vs Killzone 2 real time PS3:


And that footage is Killzone 2 pre-release code. Not even the better looking final code.

Deal with it. GG surpassed their target render.

RedDragan2630d ago


Those pictures show the trailer being miles ahead! And where is the video? No video? That says it all really... you have no example of the game being better than the trailer.

Now go to bed kids!


raztad2629d ago

Those pictures dont show the trailer is miles ahead reddragan what are you talking about? if anything they are pretty close, with the trailer having better facial animation and higher polygon count (characters). In KZ2 the fire and effects are more convincing.

BTW, you could have looked those videos by yourself, here you go

RedDragan2629d ago

I see wrinkles in the trailer, hi res texture in the surrounding, fantastic fire and smoke effects when the carrier thing is blown up in the air.

Yeah, sure... the game looks so much better! LOL! The trailer is superior in every way possible.

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DigitalAnalog2631d ago

Since in general, it takes 60FPS to get a 30FPS 3D stereoscopic. Somehow, this isn't the case for Killzone 3's alpha.

I wonder how much improvements they can bring in the the next 3 months. I don't mind it to be delayed for a few months since Q1 is already taking up so much of my game-time.

-End statement

ct032631d ago

"Guerrilla could well be saving up to 18MB of precious GDDR3 video RAM"

This quote shows just how severely limited developers are when it comes to video RAM on these systems.
In times where even entry-level GPUs have 1 GB of VRAM you'd think 18MB isn't enough to deserve a mention.

Da_Evil_Monkey2630d ago

but I personally find it amazing how games like this can run on PS3, Devs must be so good at optimising. To get a game like this running on an equivalent PC (same specs as PS3) would be an achievement.

Link to PS3 Specs -

lexington2630d ago

This game looks just like kz2. only you can play it in 3d if you like and they've used the remaining 40 percent of da powwa of da cell to help with the unbelieavable controller lag of the old game.

raztad2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

KZ3 looks mindblowing. Textures, lightning, explosions, everything looks incredible.

That said I find this article rather pointless. We already knew MLAA is applied (and we also know MLAA introduces some artifacts), latency reduction was discussed in a previous article yesterday and in-depth analysis of framerates of a beta, several months before release, is rather pointless.


I dont know who agreed with your

"In times where even entry-level GPUs have 1 GB of VRAM you'd think 18MB isn't enough to deserve a mention"

18M of VRAM is a precious treasure on consoles. Developers are limited indeed but that force them to be creative, and get most of the hardware. KZ3 visuals are nothing to be ashamed for. I assure you.

Chromer2630d ago

You don't have the bubbles to compete.

garos822631d ago

dont be so harsh man.

you know trolls are really bad with evidence.dont burst their little dream bubble. let them think that COD is the most amazing thing theve seen.

Inside_out2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

DF really carved this game up. The 3d aspect especially was damning. It's to early to adopt 3d gaming and the systems aren't ready for it. It will be worse for the 360 in terms of 3D as it uses HDMI 1.2

I loaded KZ 2 recently to try out a new 360 inspired PS3 controller I bought at Walmart for $24.99...KZ 2 hasn't aged very well. The controller didn't work as well as I hoped.

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xg-ei8ht2631d ago

I know this is alpha code and it looks fantastic.

I just really hope they speed up the fps.

20-24 does not cut it.

I loved killzone2, but the fps i hated, it needs to be smoother.

They need to get that sorted.

n4gno2631d ago

THe fps was not a problem, but kz3 is faster, quicker, nobody can complain.

only skilled people, because the guns are more noobs friendfly (more powerfull).

Dark-Cloud2631d ago

killzone 2 have heavy gameplay and hard one , that's why people hated it , because it's hard and not like cod or halo or any shooter games , but i loved it because it needs skills , people don't like change alot , like playing cod then go and play killzone 2 , they play sucks because they get used to play really fast in cod , then they say killzone 2 sucks and boring , that's a stupid thing to say , saying killzone 2 sucks because it have heavu gameplay , the problem is not in killzone 2 , it's in you , you the one who don't know how to play , i know how to play that's why i loved the game because i know how the gameplay is and the best things in the game ...

at first i heared killzone 3 will not have heavy gameplay and i started to get annoyed because i loved killzone 2 , but after i saw some gameplay in the videos i shocked , it turns alot better then what i imagin , so i accpeted it , but now you people saying it need to be smoother then it looks now , you are wrong , if you want smoother gameplay just go and play cod or any other shooter game , we want something special and hard , i don't want another cod gameplay , i'll buy black ops so why would i want the same gameplay ? .. get real guys and stupid saying smoother gameplay , because it's not going to make killzone 3 special and better , it will make it worst then cod ... if you want the gameplay in the beta then it's good but if you don't want it go and buy cod or battlefield , there is alots of games that have smoother gameplay.....

sometimes change isn't good , like the change in medal of honor and MAG , they put good new things but they make the game worst then befor by changing the damage , i hate it , especially in MAG , i play MAG with move so it's really hard and damage makes it more harder by a bad way , i love hard games but not the damage , the damage makes it worst ......

nickjkl2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

i wouldnt say it needs skill its just slower

either i still despise people that play cod all the time
like last month i tried to get my friend that plays cod non stop but sucks at it he has a .70 kd yet plays it all the time

i told him the reason why i didnt like cod and why i thought killzone 2 was a better game so he got killzone 2 a few days later played one multiplayer match didnt complete it beat the first level and dropped the game for more mw2

recently he told me to get on mw2 and play some matches with his friends before black ops comes out so i was like ok ill play put the game in turns out they were really bad on the bottom 3 while i was at the top 3 just being annoyed at the game

but their was a few fun moments usually when everyone started truly going at the objective without just camping and explosive whoring thats when we worked as a team and had 3 people at the doors with riot shields and blast shields as distractions while everyone else cleaned house

JoeReno2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I disagree with your MAG statement. The improvements with MAG 2.0 and onward have made the game so much better. As for using Move in MAG I think it works great, and wss pretty easy to get use to dispite that fact that its a brand new controll system.

On the topic of KZ3 tho, I agree that killzone 2 is great heavy controlls and all. I hope they dont make it too CoD friendly. I dont like the style of game play the multiplayer has in CoD, and with a 5hr single player mode it never makes the cut in my opinion.

Dark-Cloud2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

i mean the damage , they edit the damage and that makes it more harder in a bad way ... because you die really fast now ...

and it's hard to kill in move ( but it's ok with me ) the thing that i hate is the damage not move ...

mushroomwig2631d ago

"20-24 does not cut it"

You're only saying that because you know that it's below 30, while playing you wouldn't even notice.

That's one of the problems with an analysis like this, it just gives people reason to complain when there's no real need to.

Klepto2631d ago

Anything below 40 FPS for a shooter is terrible and not acceptable you don't have the smoothness needed to aim precisely and below 30 is like a slideshow of lag.

nickjkl2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

i wouldnt say you wouldnt notice

but thats just me but my eyes are sensitive compared to alot of people

but its not like if it hits 24 fps im just going to go screw this game its not worth playing because of that sudden drop during an up close explosion

raztad2631d ago

KZ3 feels pretty smooth when the framerate is stable at 30, which is most of the time BTW, as it is shown in the first video. Only turrets explosions makes the framerate to drop a bit. It could be a bug, cause there are explosion all over the place and there is not framerate drops because of them.

I'm pretty confident KZ3 will maintain 30fps under any workout at release time.

HDgamer2630d ago

Klepto, COD4 and MW2 is 30FPS

Da_Evil_Monkey2630d ago

Cod 4 and MW2 are actually at 60fps, but sub-HD.

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