Call of Duty: Black Ops: The Best deals

M2G Writes:

Given it’s Saturday and getting closer to Black Ops launch day we thought we would do a round up of the best deals currently available for one of the biggest games of the year.

So it's time for us to investigate the best deal out there.

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Chnswdchldrn2688d ago

none of those deals apply to me...

with pc gamers being ripped off as it is with the price jacked up to 60 bucks, I could use a good deal or two

mn212688d ago

has a deal where you get 20% off next CoD game.
there's also a code to get $15 dollars off.
use BIGSAVINGS in coupons

Close_Second2688d ago

...has it listed for $149 NZD. This is definitely a case of pricing based on brand just like Rebok, Levi's, Apple, etc.

vault13er2688d ago

Well I'm in the US so this doesn't help. I have my doubts about black ops being good anyways since it is not made by IW but treyarch is overdue for a standout original title even if it is part of an annual release schedule

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2688d ago

Amazon has the 200 credits deal going w/.99 cent release day delivery, and were giving almost 25 bucks for mod warfare2


in UK you can get it for £23.95 inc next day delivery from if you open a new account then use code zz089 for a discount on your first order, it works as i have just done it bargain!!!

i have phoned all the major super markets and all around £29.99 when you buy another chart game tho tesco may just sell for £29-£35 said it depends on other stores so is the best place (yes the code is the discount ones people sell on ebay for 99p but n4gs can have it for free, it can be used more then once as five mates all used it to so far)

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