Two Worlds 2: First 10 Minutes Emerged

PC Games published a new hd video, that includes the first 10 minutes of Two Worlds 2. To see the high-res version of the video, klick on the hd button. Take a look!

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SmokexFFx2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Wow, they really went back to the drawing board with this game, the first one was, just to be nice lets say, less than appealing.

The first villain shown also looks oddly a lot like the Dadrea cult members from Oblivion.

ThanatosDMC2694d ago

Exactly, what i thought! If you kill him, you grab his Daedra Heart and craft it into a poison for weapon coating.

Raendom2695d ago

Two Worlds 2 is going to be a hidden gem. The first game put too many people off, it's tainted the name. But I've been keeping a close eye on this game and everything about it seems awesome.

It has a fully fledged multiplayer mode, a city building mode, 8 hour long co-op mode... even the mini games are awesome. You can play the Lute with a Guitar Hero controller.

pr0digyZA2694d ago

horses control better,you can carry on after the main quest. world record number of spells, crafting system, plus there is sailing (zelda) overall it will be alot better.

SuperSaiyan42695d ago

Have better voice acting for a start thats what the main thing that put me off other than that it reminded me of diablo in some ways.

But the main game better be at least 20hrs+ this is an RPG if its 8hrs long thats ridiculous.

Raendom2695d ago

I read it's 40 hours for the main SP. 8 hours for a completely different co-op, and god knows how long for the multiplayer.

Easily a 100 hour game.

Acquiescence2694d ago

Two Worlds 2: The Sequel To Two Worlds, The First Game Before 2

richierich2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

This actually looks good epsecially compared to the first game

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