Warhawk "screams multiplayer 2.0" in 9.2/10 Review

Warhawk scored a 9.2 in a review that says the game "isn't your slightly older brother's. What it is is an on-foot, in-vehicle and in-air online battle of epic PlayStation 3 proportions."

"You'll finally be adding PSN name after PSN name to your barebones friends list as if it were an Xbox Live account. Warhawk brings social networking to the PS3 with 32 players interacting and teams communicating via wireless headsets, a combination that screams multiplayer 2.0."

"Battlefield may have invented open-warfare gameplay a couple of years ago on the PC, but an experience that slick wasn't duplicated on a next-generation console before Warhawk. At $40 for the PSN file, it may be the most expensive downloadable game you buy, but it's currently the best online multiplayer title to hit PS3. By perfectly balancing out seamless on-foot, in-vehicle and in-air combat, Warhawk gives PlayStation Network a full game that Xbox Live has yet to been achieve."

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BIadestarX4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Damn... I really want this game... I may have to buy a PS3 to play this game... grrrrrrrr!
Sony fanboys... shut up... you are the reason why I don't own a PS3... but this game is making it hard for me not to own one... I am afraid that the cell will turn me into a brainless lemming.. like some of you...

trane074124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

You already are a dumbass brainless lemming. Don't get ps3 please. Save other gamers the headache of seeing or hearing your stupid ass.

Who blames a fanboy for a person "not buying" a system? Especially when they are a fanboy of the opposite system. That the most dumbass assesment ive ever heard. But hey, dumb people say dumb as hell stuff.

pilotpistolpete4124d ago

And here I was thinking it was the 360 turning people's brain to mush.

Get Warhawk now!

Phantom_Lee4124d ago

why do u care about other PS3 owners or u called "fanboy"...
u use ur own money...therefore, u should only care about ur enjoyment

MikeGdaGod4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

funny trane07

nasim4124d ago

WARHAWK and HS are getting great reviews all around

HS has an avearge of 89% at gamerankings

WOWHAWK has an average of 86%

I am sooooooooo happy

tomfoolery4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Ps3 dweebs are hopeless..........fvck em.
You try to give them a compliment and they act like 5th graders.
Aint no thang but a chicken wing bro.Ps3 fans are funny.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

@ trane07 Wasn't that considered a personal attack, you can get reported for that. But yeah You do have a point.

I myself am gonna be buying this game soon, once I get a PS3 seems like one of those games which stay fun no matter how much you play it.

@ Firstknight- You're no better than him, you bash things, and others opinions needlessly.

FirstknighT4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

I see you still haven't controlled your anger problems. Tsk Tsk

I upgraded my Bio just for you kid.

nix4124d ago

"However there is always hope: humans are remarkably adaptive creatures, and within every fanboy is a reasonable individual waiting to spring forth. So instead of reacting in a judgmental fashion the next time you come across ‘fanboy vulgaris’ in your travels, try not to be too hard on them."

it's ok, blade.. we welcome you!

(i hope this works!)

AngryHippo4124d ago

....i have warhawk, its good but not a good enough reason to purchase a ps3 for. I'm kinda disappointed by Warhawk, but thats my own personal opinion. Been playing COD4 beta, and wow, that is so much fun.

Vertius4123d ago

Bladestar said: "Sony fanboys... shut up... you are the reason why I don't own a PS3... but this game is making it hard for me not to own one... I am afraid that the cell will turn me into a brainless lemming.. like some of you..."

tomfoolery said: "You see Bladestar,
Ps3 dweebs are hopeless..........fvck em.
You try to give them a compliment and they act like 5th graders."

That was a compliment!?

BIadestarX4123d ago

@Vertius, if you consider yourself a Sony fanboy then obviosly you will find what I said offensive... If you noticed... My comment was not directed to the PS3 or the game or Playstation fans or gamers.. but the brainless Sony fanboys...

If I were a fanboy as many of you call me... I wouldnt even entertain the though of getting a PS3 to play some of the great games like Warhawk, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy.... Ask Sony fanboys if they will ever get an xbox 360.. even after seing games like Bioshock... exactly... I don't bash games... I bash fanboys..

Vertius4123d ago

I didn't find it offensive by any means, it's just certainly not a compliment. I'm pointing out the tomfoolery of... tomfoolery, not yourself, Blade.

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SwiderMan4124d ago

For non-PS3 owners, as long as you like BF miltiplayer and don't mind the lack of campaign mode, it's a great first game for the system. The two other titles I'd suggest are MotorStorm and Resistance.

But, for me, this game beats all because it finally brings about the Xbox Live experience PS2/PS3 gamers who've been waiting forever for an integrated online game full of "achievements."

Oh and there's split-screen for up to four players (even online), too.

MikeGdaGod4124d ago

i've been tryin to use the split-screen in a ranked game and it doesn't seem to work. has anyone else been able to do it?

SwiderMan4124d ago

I believe it's turned off on ranked games. See the game stats to the right hand side on the server menu and press down on your analog stick to scroll through the game stats. Far down on the list is a the word Splitscreen with a checkbox next to it. If it's not checked, then no splitscreen.

If it's checked, turn on the controller and simply press the start button. Then you're in (or you're friend is in, to be more accurate)

Omegasyde4124d ago

You can not play a ranked game with splitscreen.

All ranked games are also dedicated.

No splitscreen is allowed so people won't abuse the ranking system.
So if your playing a splitscreen allowed room, its not a ranked room.

Also All ranked rooms are blue, All private are White.

L3 (left thumbstick? down) is how to speak.

MikeGdaGod4123d ago

thanks guys hit me up

PSN: MikeG115

Azures4123d ago

No that isn't correct. The blue servers are Sony ones, the white ones are user servers; Either can be ranked or unranked.

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greed4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

bladestar they are like that because you bash their system personally if you hate the system so much don't buy it no matter what comes out because when you do you are viewed as a hypocrite i mean look at how they treated mack daddy or what ever the f^ck his name is

just a little fanboy info not trying to sound like a fantard but a fanboy of my system and yes there is a difference but on only a couple more hours and this baby will be mine can't wait and the people who try and i mean try because they are never downplay this game just shows who you really are insignificant!

akaFullMetal4124d ago

this game is really good, yes its like battlefiend 2, but better since flying the warhawks, with the sixaxis just jumps it to the next level, with torrets and missle torrets, this game is great, i have to go to bed but i want to play some more gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr damn stupid body needing sleep

pilotpistolpete4124d ago

Oh by the way, anyone from canada who wants warhawk? Futureshop has a best price garantee, so bring in a flyer or online screenshot and they will match. Best buy Canada had a sale for preordered that was 39$, but the sale ended aug. 29. I brought in the printed screenshot and they honored it today, even thoughthe sale ended. Peeople at the cash dont bother checking. Reply me if you want, I still have the image saved, so i can post it, so go get yourself a br disk with headset for 39$ Canadian (less10% the diference, so 39$). An awesome game!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4124d ago

I live there and am planning on buying this , but I think they changed there price back recently.