The Greatest Gran Turismo Collection

There are people who throughout their life collects things, this particular person collects all Gran Turismo related articles and it can be said that this person owns one of the largest collection of gran turismo ever.

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Nitrowolf22630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [NTSC-J]
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [NTSC-J/Chinese]
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue [NTSC-U / C]
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III [NTSC-J]
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III Bundle Version [NTSC-J]

dam i guess this guy would rather buy a new copy then get the patch

the rest of that list is just ridiculus

acedoh2629d ago

if having a collection like this has gained value over the years. Many collectors collect things because it is an investment that they could make money off of in the long run. This looks like someone who is just obsessed with Gran Turismo. I'm just happy I still have my original edition Gran Turismo in great condition.

jony_dols2630d ago

Wow what a waste of time and money!

On his deathbed he is gonna regret this bigtime!

Lou-Cipher2630d ago

He or She is just a collector, I have seen other people collect stuff far more silly than this. Some people collect Baseball cards, some collect Art, and some collect Video Game stuff.

As long as you have the money and the time, I see nothing wrong with that.

acedoh2629d ago

All those things you have mentioned gain value. I have baseball cards that were originally just a few dollars that are worth several hundred now. The same obviously goes with people who collect art.

jc485732630d ago

what if that's all s/he plays? Tbh, Gran Turismo games are worth collecting, so this person got taste. I mean, I would've done the same thing if I was that crazy for the franchise. This is nothing like sports games except for tennis because I do collect them (Virtua Tennis for the world!).

acedoh2629d ago

many original PSone titles in great condition. I guess in a way they are part of my collection. Nothing elaborate like this persons.... Probably because I'm to poor.

poindat2629d ago

Why would they regret something that has obviously made them so happy?

You are in no place to judge if you haven't ever felt the same satisfaction from something that this person has.

Steve_02629d ago

I love how usually, when it comes to gaming, people always assume it's a guy. But here, commenting on an article combining Gaming, Driving and obsessive collections, predominately stereotypically male activities, and people take the time to make sure that their comments are gender indifferent. :D

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George Sears2629d ago

This person must be the most anxious for GT5 of probably any fan there is.

Quagmire2629d ago

Maybe theyre the ones who ordered the 550,000 copies which are being sent to france, lol

TheKing872629d ago Show
Hoje03082629d ago

Anyone else actually feel bad for this person? I'd like to see a list of his or her sexual partners. I'd be willing to bet it's pretty baren.

acedoh2629d ago

that comparison is really pointless because this person could be wealthy. It has nothing to do with love life. Now if this persons has hundreds of game collection that may be another story. I can actually imagine quite a few people having large Gran Turismo collections because of the community involved with this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.