Running Radeon HD 6870 in Crossfire

If you have checked out our article comparing the 6870 vs 5870, then you already know that the Radeon HD 6870 is unfortunately slower than the Radeon HD 5870. However, we wondered how well the 6870 would perform in Crossfire. So we put it to the test…

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CombineElite2812d ago

If your in the market to get a new Video Card then trust me I know it all.

The Nvidia GTX 460 SLI 1gb and The AMD HD 6870 CrossFire are the best set ups for the best prices.
Cool, quiet, efficient, and they can Handle Metro 2033 maxed out with DOF + Tessellation on.

These setups will run you around $500 and require you to have a Mobo with two PCI-E slots. The beauty of these set ups is buy one card now $250 or less then buy another card later for $250 or less and have more power than a GTX480.

The HD 6870 has more horsepower than the GTX 460 but when Tessellation is applied things even out a little. So if you got a $250 GPU budget then one of these cards is what you need.

Don't believe me Well I'll just show you the benchmarks.