TGV Review: Rock Band 3 — The only rhythm game you will ever need

Seriously. You will never need another rhythm game.

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Sidology2816d ago

This was probably the hardest review I've ever hard to write. I had to pull myself away from the game long enough to actually say something about it.

MinionStarwind2816d ago

Sounds like thats the whole review. =P

Sidology2816d ago

That's what I wanted to do, but I was sure I would lose credibility as a writer by doing so.

borisfett2816d ago

I want this game so badly.

TANUKI2816d ago

Wow, this game is doing crazy good. Congrats to Harmonix and EA.

Sidology2816d ago

Anybody who bad-talks the game isn't looking at what's really important about it.

DaBadGuy2816d ago

Kudos on the Empire-Death Star reference.

The AC/DC Live track pack is great and all, but I wish they would release the proper studio versions of songs, with Bon Scott doing Dirty Deeds, Highway to Hell, Jailbreak, Whole Lotta Rosie, etc. and Brian Johnson doing Thunderstruck, Shoot to Thrill, Hell's Bells, etc.

Nothing against Brian Johnson I love the stuff both of them have contributed to AC/DC, but Bon's songs are special because he made them so, and I wish they could get more than Let There Be Rock, but alas.

And besides, who the hell can match Brian Johnson's voice, I mean really? I tried on Thunderstruck on the Live track pack, I nearly tore a vocal chord and still couldn't match it.

TheLastGuardian2816d ago

I love the setlist the new menu navigation, getting to learn keyboards is so fun and awesome. I just wish I didn't have to pay to export RB1 and 2.

NMC20072816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

So they added turntable support and Daft Punk songs?! AW SNAPEROOS!!! I don't bad talk Rock Band I just don't like the entire style of everything that has to do with Rock Band.

I hate everything created in the RB engine, from the charts to the frets to the visual style to the menus to the career to the HOPO setup of shrinking the frets to the slow version of hyperspeed and more.

The best thing about RB to me is the amount of songs they have and the types of clothing you have to customize your character, so judging by what you say in your last post here, tell me, what do I find really important? What is so important about RB? I thought it was me having fun and liking it but alas I am wrong and anyone who dislikes it.

*goes and plays DJ Hero 2*
The only rhythm game i'll need, pfft, i'm only responding to your hyperbole of a title and your last post in this comment section.

Sidology2816d ago

I guess Rock Band is for people who love music. I'm a musician — I love music. I love what Harmonix have done for music. They've not only created a ground where popular artists can move material, but where up-and-coming artists can move material as well.

Harmonix are grounded in dedication to everything they do. It's not about just the game or the interface or what songs you can play, but it's about the idea that drives the game. It's where the game comes from.

Like I said in the review, Harmonix love music more than anything on this planet. Rock Band 3 is a labor of love more than it is a game.

DJ Hero 2 is not a labor of love. It is cobbled together to make money. Do Activision even support DJ Hero anymore? Not at all. Making the first game's DLC compatible isn't "supporting" the first game.

Harmonix continued to support Rock Band 1 well after Rock Band 2's release and only stopped supporting both games with new content solely because Rock Band 3's DLC would be a new ball game, incompatible with both previous iterations.

If the "amount of songs" and "types of clothing" are what's "best" to you about Rock Band, then you're focusing on the wrong things. What's important is the music itself, the community, the amount of time, care and support that goes into each individual song to make sure they're dutifully crafted to play just right. The hours and hours of time and energy creating the charts, then testing them, then going back to recreate them for PRO mode (if applicable).

What's so important about Rock Band? It's there in the review. It's absolutely blurring the line between a mere game and an actual real-world skill. That's what's important about Rock Band.

DJ Hero is never going to teach you how to be a DJ, no matter how fun it is to play, no matter how many hours you put into it. You'll look like a complete tool if you're like "HEY, I'M AN EXPERT IN DJ HERO, CHECK OUT THIS MIX" and try to scratch records.

This was a long-standing joke that Guitar Hero was the butt of for years. Now that Rock Band 3 is here, that joke doesn't really apply. "Play a real guitar," they would say. Well, now you can learn how and words are eaten.

And let's be real — with Daft Punk's popularity, it's a matter of months (maybe weeks) before they make their way to Rock Band 3. Added keys support only solidifies. Snoop Dogg is already available, so I don't see how Daft Punk is far-fetched. Maybe there won't be a turntable, but still.

Also, think of this: DJ Hero wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Harmonix.

Lich1202815d ago

Well ultimately what it boils down to is whether you like these kinds of games or not. However, you clearly don't like these games so why bother posting on something directed at people who already know they like these kinds of games?

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