Trade 2 Get Black Ops Free

Futureshop and Best Buy are willing to give you a copy of Black Ops for trading in two select games...

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Shackdaddy8362815d ago

Its only for Canada if anyone in the U.S. is wondering.

Joni-Ice2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Im not trading my Uncharted 2 and GOW3 for that shit. You got to be crazy. Infact lets make it a even trade. I'll give you all my COD's for Black Ops. Thats fair since its the same game anyway.

samoon2814d ago

Ya I'd definitely trade in MW2.

vickers5002814d ago

Not really. CoD4 still remains the best out of the newer Call of Duty games, and none of them had anywhere near the level of balance CoD4 had. Well, maybe except for WaW, but that was a whole different setting with completely different weapons and levels, so it was pretty different from CoD4.

AKissFromDaddy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

WaW wasn't balanced. WaW is a SMG driven game and there is an attachment on for SMGs to have a clip the size of LMG. Plus perks like Bouncing Betty X 2(No one can see these things), Stopping Power, Fire Works(Increases damage and radius of all explosives), Juggernaut, Overkill(2 primary weapons) and Martyrdom. In addition, Dogs, the 7th killstreak, is very unbalanced because at least you can hide inside buildings when a chopper patrols an area, :-)

The only reason people, like yourself, believe COD4 is the most balanced COD is because it doesn't have custom kill-streaks. I'd appreciate seeing a modded COD4 with more killstreaks and reading if you, vickers500, still think its balanced. In addition, you didn't mention these perks like Martyrdom, 3 grenades, Juggernaut, Stopping power, Overkill(2 primary weapons), and Sonic Boom(imagine that with 3 grenades, lol).

PS. COD4 is heavily Rifles and SMGs gameplay friendly as well with very,very few snipers. Shotguns and LMGs are non-existent unless player don't mind giving up huge speed for big clips and huge range with Shotguns.

vickers5002813d ago

Sure WaW had a few issues, but overall it was balanced. The only really overpowered weapon was the mp40, but that's something that's easy to look past.

As for bouncing betties, well there is a perk to see those, so that balances it out. And besides, if you are about to go into a room where you know or suspect a camper is in, if you don't attempt to check at all on the ground before you enter, you're just an idiot who is just plain running and gunning while not even using slight tactics.

Fireworks isn't really all that unbalanced. It only increases explosive damage by a very very small bit. I only ever used the fireworks perk when trying to take out tanks. It's nowhere near the effectiveness as danger close in MW2.

Juggernaut kind of sucks, but the counterbalance to that is stopping power, just as stopping power is the counterbalance to juggernaut. Both of those are balanced because of the slots they are placed in though, since you can't choose something else that may be more beneficial plus stopping power or juggernaut.

Overkill isn't that bad because players have to give up a perk with one of many very helpful choices, they have to sacrifice something like stopping power, juggernaut or sleight of hand just to be able to carry 2 weapons, so it's balanced out because they don't have the advantage of those 3 good perks, but they do get to carry two weapons.

Martyrdom sucks, but it's not hard to avoid it if you're not an idiot and you actually think when you play.

Dogs being unbalanced? Lol. You can directly defend against dogs, it's not like a stupid chopper gunner from mw2, it's something that's easy to defend against if you know what you're doing. Plus, dogs seek out campers, which is pretty awesome.

"The only reason people, like yourself, believe COD4 is the most balanced COD is because it doesn't have custom kill-streaks."

I said NEWER CoDs, as in CoD4^, because it is the most balanced out of the CoDs released after CoD4.

Sonic boom isn't really overpowered at all. I never found an advantage to it actually, as whenever I used it, I always got the same results as when I just regularly used grenades. The 3x grenades though I agree are just f*cking bullsh*t, and are completely unbalanced.

And obviously you haven't been in CoD4 lately, because there are quite a bit of snipers still active. Many of them have taken to quickscoping, either with the acog (which is much more effective since it's faster, and I'm told increases damage of the sniper slightly) or with the regular sniper scope. I've seen a couple of people using shotguns and LMGs, but I don't think that's an issue of being underpowered, but rather preferring other weapons to those types.

So yeah, WaW overall WAS balanced, and so was CoD4, but CoD4 was the most balanced out of the newer CoD games.

Personally my favorite Call of Duty was Call of Duty 2 though.

rbluetank2814d ago

that was funny Joni-ice. i will gladly give them Madden11/Mafa 2 for Black OPS. i am done with those two games....

TANUKI2814d ago

Yea, I'd definitely trade in my Mafia 2 as well.

Sarcasm2814d ago

It's actually a pretty wide variety of games on there you can trade in. Heck, if this was available in the U.S. I'd trade MW2 and maybe a Wii title.

trainsinrdr2814d ago

ill trade in 2 bricks and a cowboy hat
ok maybe not the cowboy hat it has to be fair at the end of the day


a halloween mask from Team fortress 2 and it is more than enough for this game!
Is this a deal?

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