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Ryan Johnson|GoozerNation
Welcome the start of Bond Month by answering the most burning gamer question for a Bond Fan: Is the Goldeneye Wii-make good? Does it feel like a true homage to the original, or just a hackney attempt at profit? Click in to find out! Plus, a preview of future articles to keep MI-6 agents in the know all month long.

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JimmyJames702755d ago

I just watched the Gamespot video review of Bloodstoene. Can't wait to read your review of that one.

RyanDJ2755d ago

I just found news that the franchise may have some fight in it over at


I heard that the first three Craig films were a planned trilogy, so I look forward to seeing how the current arc ends! I don't want to see the franchise flounder, but I thought it would stink if it capsized during a story arc.

eaglethorn2754d ago

I'm looking for multiplayer to live back in my goldeneye days.

RyanDJ2751d ago

As I'm trying to get a review on multiplayer together, I'm having a hard time getting people together, now that college is over and life has begun. I've poked around with multiple controllers active, and it looks SO SOLID. I look forward to it...once we can straighten up the kids/family/home life. The reminiscing will be great then, though...