Kinect Sports Review (Xbox 360/Kinect)- Gameplaybook

Is Microsoft's sports compilation for the Kinect a gutter ball, or does it score the trophy? Find out in Gameplaybook's review!

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juniordee2476d ago

Better score than I expected.

juniordee2476d ago

I'm not saying that to bash the game...I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the score. From what I've seen at E3, I assumed it was gonna be a bad attempt at Wii Sports, but apparently not. Glad to hear it's actually fun!

n4gno2476d ago

It's more 7, 6 on real review sites (not xbox official magazine, etc).

FordGTGuy2476d ago

8 or 9 from actual play, the game is actually very good you have to remember it was made by Rare.

PeeWizzle2476d ago

Cleverbot says I have its wombat.

ReservoirDog3162476d ago

Haha, I would like to think you didn't intend to write that sentence. Hopefully it came out wrong.

If you did, uhhh...

Bigpappy2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

The Boxing is pulling me back the most. I try not to punch too hard. I rely on big rights and uppercuts for knockouts. I am now at level 12 and only had to decissions. You have to pace yourself in this game-- if the opponent blocks your punches, he will develope a power punch that can do massive damage. If you block enough the same happens for you. The power goes away quickly so you have to land asap. Great game! All the sport events are fun to play.

This game gets a 4.5/5 from me.

SeNiLe9112476d ago

I just picked it up at Target along with two other Kinect games. Buy 2 get one free. Ends Tomorrow!!

2476d ago

I didn't want to like kinect because I already bought move, But some of these games look kind of fun to play with my kids. Next time I see kinect in stock I am going to buy it. My kids are lucky to have a father like me.