Regional Matchmaking confirmed by David Vonderhaar (w/pic)

David Vonderhaar lead developer of Black Ops online multiplayer has confirmed that the PS3 version of Black Ops will indeed have regional matchmaking.

Pic showing the feature

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SmokexFFx2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Cool, what was the final word on multiple profiles signed in?

"but I was offended by the idea that anyone would think we go out of our way to deceive you. Its ludicrous." Treyarch are good people, it was blown out of proportion.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2543d ago

Unfortunately that remains unchanged.

shovelface882542d ago

Where are all the trolls claiming microsoft payoffs and conspiracy now?

Rocket Sauce2542d ago

They're probably busy smelling their own farts.

SSKILLZ2542d ago

@Rocket Sauce lolz!!! and playing halo

im-12-years-old2542d ago

Farts or halo??? Which can entertain me more

*sniff sniff*


phatak2542d ago

oh my god, yes no, yes no, yes no, I dont even care anymore

Call_me_Ishmael2543d ago

its cool that theyre trying to keep everything the same for
each console

theonlylolking2542d ago

Where have you been in the past 5 years?

theonlylolking2542d ago

David seems really angry. Maybe next time treyarch will do better.

kasasensei2542d ago

Good to hear, finally, for ps3 users.