Necrisis: 3DTV's will be in every home within 9 years

Necrisis: Via an interview with, Dave Perry of Earthworm Jim fame/MDK/Shiny Entertainment and now the CEO of online gaming platform that is Gaikai, said the following:

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darkequitus2813d ago

Yes, in every tv becuse it may become a standard feature like digital audio, rather than everyone when out of their way to get a 3D TV. Just like HDTV. When there are no SDTVs, guess what everyone will be buying.

feelintheflow2813d ago

There still isn't an HDTV in every home. You trying to tell me the little old lady in her 70's that watches golden girls is gonna go out and get a new tv. If they won't do it for a 200 hdtv, why the hell would they do it for a 3dtv. Even if every hdtv is standard with 3d capabilities, there still won't be one in every house. Hell on of my History Professors still doesn't have a dvd player. Most houses, yes, 95 percent, probably but not 100 percent. Sorry, fail. I honestly don't see me replacing my led tv in the next 10 years unless it dies.

SactoGamer2813d ago

Even if the forcast is accurate, can the industry afford to wait nine years?

jazzking20012813d ago

it took me nearly 9yrs to go from a normal tv (which still works) to a 32 inch hdtv (vizio)

i do not plan to get a new tv in at least 7+ yrs

also there are tv covers coming out that do a decent job at making a tv into 3d

moe842813d ago

Being in every home is one thing. Using the 3D feature is a different story. But I guess that doesn't really matter, as long as the TV is 3D.

And no, I know several people who still don't have an HD TV. So there isn't an HD TV in every home.