GameSpot: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved tracks the calories you shed and other statistics, but you should note that at the time of this review, the website used to track progress and set personal goals is a slow-moving mess. It's nice that you can go in and create calorie-loss goals, but important features, such as leaderboards and stat comparisons with friends, either don't work correctly or are listed as "coming soon." It's fortunate that the game is still a complete product without these features--and a good one at that. More consistent tracking is needed for future iterations, but when the game and hardware work in harmony, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved demonstrates that Kinect is a natural home for the genre. It provides a good variety of exercises, offers a comfortable virtual set for your routines, and has that "cool" factor that makes interacting with it a pleasure.

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