Get a PS3 Free With This Holiday Sony Bravia 3DTV Deal

A 3D TV may not be on everyone’s Christmas list. Not because they don’t want one, but because they can’t afford one. It’s just too expensive. Thanks to a special pre-holiday sale, it doesn’t have to be. A free PS3 added to the mix sure doesn’t hurt it any either.

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doctorstrange2788d ago

Sony did this at the launch of Blu-Ray and it did wonders for both the PS3 and Blu-Ray.

The PS3 is far more than just a gaming device for Sony, it is a perfect platform for them to promote and push their (luckily awesome) formats.

Sev2788d ago

Man, I wish I waited and bought this 3DTV, I can't believe they're just giving all of that away with the TV.

doctorstrange2788d ago

I'm sure there's always space for just one more TV :D

Sev2788d ago

Talking my wife into buying one 3DTV was hard enough. Though if I kill her first...

Sev2788d ago

Who agreed I should kill my wife? Yikes! It was a joke!

seinfan2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

If this was bundled with one of Sony's HX TVs, this would have been even better. The HX TVs use full array LED. The NX ones are Edge LED. Part of the reason their prices are so high is because of the stupid 3D. If the TV didn't have that crap, you could slash about $500 to $750 from the price.

Narutone662788d ago

Be careful with what you wish for.

SSKILLZ2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

lol kill you wife :(

whats more important a 2nd 3dtv or Vagina :)

SkylineR2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I work with Sony tvs and we set this up the other day at work and frankly I see why Sony would be offering a free PS3 with it... It's probably 1 of the worst tvs they have. For an LED LCD tv it has horrible lighting and colours. No wonder they're already outdated.
I'd rather buy any other of their LCD tvs which have superior image quality instead of this piece of junk. Freebies or not.

Edit: @seinfan. I agree. Their HX series are far superior. But I guess Sony has to get rid off these things one way or another.

n4gno2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yeah sure skylinner, we have to believe a xfanboy, cod addict..

smarter people knows how to set up a TV ! (and sony's one, are the best with samsung)

[email protected] dumbest fanboyz living in supa-denial :
"Great way for Sony to boost struggling ps3 sales. "

"struggling" but better than xbox since dumb is he.

SkylineR2788d ago

@n4gno fanboy

I love the fact I'm the "fanboy" yet here you are with 1 bloody bubble. Get a life mate.

Despite what your little feeble mind thinks, I wasn't bashing your precious Sony. I was saying the TV they chose to give these PS3's out with aren't very good. Like I said I work with these things and they're not very good. Did you read the rest of my post and see that I said I like the HX series? Do you know what they are? Probably not.
But I agree with you Samsung TVs are great.
Get your head on screwed straight - not everyone is a fanboy like you obviously.

divideby02788d ago


please elaborate besides I work with these TVs..

this line is as good as any other in the price range..

step up to the HX or XBR and there is nothing that comes close

how do I know... my uncle has owned a TV repair shop for 25 years... I have seen these sets taken apart in training vids and on the bench.. Sonys electronics are far superior and have so much redundancy built in, hence the better picture

we own 3 HDTVs and I always look at others. I want to buy Sammy to save a few hundred, but they just dont look as good to me, so I just buy the XBR line of sets

you just probably install and no very little or at least say why you think so... go use google if you need help

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The_Claw2788d ago

damn, i just got that tv like 2 months ago. it came with the starter bundle and a free 1000 watt surround sound/3d blu-ray player. this is a awesome deal if your thinking about getting into 3d.

scar202788d ago

Might have to give my bro my 42 inch tv and get me one of these bad boys.

blumatt2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

"I like a big old ass!" ... haha SNL reference. Just watch it til the end. You WILL laugh, guaranteed. :) (4:16)

Digitaldude2788d ago

If thats what you folks call them.

doctorstrange2788d ago

I'd gladly take that as one of my 5 a day

KiL-shablogin2788d ago

bubbles to you my good sir

a laugh well needed

blumatt2788d ago

Bubbles back, man. haha I love SNL.

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KiL-shablogin2788d ago

that was halirous

o sry clock slang a 3:45 ass

blumatt2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Yeah, that skit was awesome. There's another one that was on that same episode that was hilarious. Here it is:

Octo12788d ago

All seriousness. When stuff is given away for free like in this promo or when Oprah,Jimmy Fallon, and Ellen gave away Kinects.Do they count as a unit sold?

KiL-shablogin2788d ago

a unit sold is anything microsoft has sold of to company/promo etc. can still be on shelves but the store already bought it from them

MajestieBeast2788d ago

Probably sold but dont know that for sure who cares anyway ppl can experience the full 3d experience right of the box.

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