Konami reveals Solid Snake secrets in Castlevania Lords of Shadow Konami has shown unlockables that rewards players who complete the story of Castlevania: Lords of Shadows. It is a appearance for Gabriel Belmont incorporating the bandana and "Solid Eye" of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Ahasverus2479d ago

But that's the original title :P

Quagmire2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Omg, I can see your..Snake? Snaaake! SNAAAAAAAKE!

Bass_fisherman2478d ago

PS3 DLC? this cant be on 360, right?

George Sears2478d ago

Snake loves console orgy tentacle rape sex.

kanetheking2478d ago

o i thought only Japanese schoolgirls can have that dood.

Ahasverus2478d ago

It's and in-game unlockable, ALSO on 360 ;)

ShadowJetX2477d ago

Now all we need is real Solid Snake/Naked Snake branded bandannas, and Solid Eyes.

ExplosionSauce2478d ago

It's just the bandanna and solid-eye.
Nothing to get worked up about.

ShadowJetX2477d ago

I'm guessing you haven't played MGS4, have you?

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Lirky2478d ago

it shouldn't be on 360 since solid snake never was on any 360 game.

DarkBlood2478d ago

well cept metal gear solid 2 on xbox dude, and dont any of you guys try to erase its existence on the console

256bit2478d ago

due to poor sales and hardware performance it was later ported to the PS2, which was the better port. sad but true.

Jamegohanssj52478d ago

I could have sworn that MGS2 was on PS2 first?


pimpmaster2478d ago

yea and it was on pc also, thats where i played mgs2

ShadowJetX2477d ago

Fanboys shouldn't be allowed to post if all they can do is spout crap.

mricecreamman2478d ago

um this is old news. we all knew that snake's patch and bandanna will be in the game

ForeAllEternity2478d ago

yeah, got me excited for a sec there

jeeves862478d ago

There's also one instance where you break out of the kitchen and into a narrow corridor. The music starts up a little bit and Gabriel does some Snake sneaking.

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