Sears Black Friday 2010 Ads Leaked: Full Game Deals Listed

"Our approach will be simple... to keep down the clutter, we won't list items in the ads that are at full retail price (unfortunately, too many). We will also organize and group the items by game platform. Many deals will be available both in-store and on-line this year.

Sears Black Friday Doorbuster prices are valid Friday, November 26 from 4am - Noon. All other prices are valid both Friday and Saturday.

Here is a rundown of the Sears Black Friday video game deals:"

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TruthBTold2814d ago

Nothing for us who already own consoles. Where are my cheap game bundles?

scar202814d ago

I'm just gonna wait for best buy ads.

SSKILLZ2814d ago

Hard core bargain bin FTW !

TruthBTold2814d ago

With all their buy a game and get a 20 dollar coupon. They should have even better deals for black friday. I needs my move bundle.

Shang-Long2814d ago

well 40 bucks for fifa 11 is a steal for me since i love fifa and dont have it yet

seinfan2814d ago

eeeee Amazon had a sale about 12 hours ago selling that game for $40. You could have saved yourself the risk of being trampled (and tax as well).

Scary692813d ago

@ TruthBTold

I was thinking the same thing, I guess we just have to wait and see what else other stores have.

EvilBlackCat2813d ago

# Xbox 360 4GB Console - $199 + Free Copy of Halo Reach
# Halo Reach - $39.99 (Save $20)

halo once again killing everything in his path 2010

jeeves862813d ago

Can't you not play that game online if you don't have a larger HDD?

Just wondering.

showtimefolks2813d ago

we have been getting $20 off the whole year at k-mart how about buy 2 new and get 2 free yeh we have all seen buy 2 get 1 free but it BF

gamestop will have buy 2 used get one free that's where i will get a few games nothing happening around BF for my taste unless GT5 comes out which i doubt

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nevin12814d ago

I need a new PSP anyway and this will do the trick. That PS3 bundle is a good one.

off topic, how do u check your past comments now?

Dac2u2814d ago

The PSP bundle is worth getting if you don't own one. I don't know if I wanna spend the cash on that though.

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ScubaSteve12814d ago

why shop for deals when you may not get out alive or be killed during it. just shop online

UltimateIdiot9112814d ago

Seriously, the last 2 years, I did all my BF shopping online instead of waiting out in the freezing cold because the stores just don't offer any better or special deals.

I don't even understand why those people went crazy at Walmart that year an employee died. The deals were terrible.

scar202814d ago

@ultimate I guess they're brains wer half dead from the coldness...sad to see what happened to that employee.

GoldPS32814d ago

Not everyone has a computer to shop online. It's Walmarts fault for that employee death not the customers. Hope the stores do a better job this year with the crowds.

HolyOrangeCows2814d ago

OH come now. It's an adventure! :)

jeeves862813d ago

The fact of the matter is, people 'do' get that crazy, and it's stupid. Worked at a BB once on Boxing Day, this stupid asshole ran full-tilt to the routers and started opening one up. Told him that he wasn't allowed to open the package and he promptly started to freak out, saying that he wanted to make sure it was the one he was looking for. I told him again (a little less nice this time) that he couldn't open the package and he whipped the thing at my face and ran off to another part of the store.

This was a grown adult, not some kid, either. People get trampled and hurt, over what? A couple of bucks saved on something you probably don't 'need' in the first place? I can understand if it's food or water or medicine, but anything other than that? Totally uncalled for.

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tubers2814d ago

Cries over me buying the GoW Gos Bundle :( for a grand total of 219 bucks. psshhh.. Oh well.

skyblue142132814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Why cry over it. You have a game that came with your psp bundle that you actually wanted, right? supposedly it is one of the best for the psp. Imo unlike ps3 bundles(which have great games included most of the time), most of the psp bundles(even though they give you a good value) come with games that are not really must have psp games. I mean there have been some good games bundled with psp hand-helds, but for the most part many psp bundles have games that really don't interest me imo. I mean they are mostly probably good games, but they only appeal to a certain crowd(which is not necessarily a bad thing), they are good games in their own right though.

For example: almost 2 years ago I was in the market for a psp, and the best psp bundle that was out was the ratchet and clank size matters psp bundle. I was/am not interested the ratchet and clank series, but I still bought it because it was the best psp bundle and value for my money at the time. Since it was the only game I had for the psp besides the free psn down loadable game that came with the psp bundle, not playing any of the r&c games before I decided to give the game a chance and I played the ratchet and clank game for a few hours, got bored with it and had not played the game since. At the time I also bought an extended 2 year warranty that was offered from the store where I got the psp bundle from. I got my money's worth and returned the psp that I originally bought and the replacement both due to manufacturer's defects, and since they were all out of stock of the r&c psp bundle I opted for store credit and waited about a week until the gow gos psp bundle was released.

I consider the recent gow gos(god of war ghost of sparta) psp bundle to be one of the best valued psp bundles yet(there are a few others like the metal gear solid peace walker psp bundle). You get the new gow:gos game that is supposed to be even better than the last gow psp game which was god of war chains of olympus(in which I own a hard copy version of god of war chains of olympus and I consider it to be one of the best psp games out there), a voucher for the digital version of gow coo(god of war chains of olympus), a 2 gb psp memory stick, a voucher for the demios skin for gow 3(in which I own currently all the gow games in the series), and a movie which might be interesting.

At the very least you get 2 of some of the best games available for the psp, in which if gow coo was hard to put down imo and supposedly gow gos is even better how would the gow psp bundle be a regrettable purchase?, not to mention that the gow gos psp imo feels more comfortable texture-wise. What more can you ask for? You got a great deal and you should not regret it imo.

skyblue142132814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

$40 for need for speed, I will hopefully be getting that game come 11/24. I wonder if this deal on the game is also good for shopping online?

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