Games Mirroring Reality: But Whose Reality Is It?

Game Podunker masteroftheclaw writes, "While one could say games like Gears of War or Bayonetta are wholly separate from our world, the characters themselves exhibit human traits: likes, dislikes, anger, sadness. As games progress into a more technologically astonishing future there is no doubt characters will become even more fleshed out and "real". Even now and in the past there have been examples of deep, well-thought out characters..."

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Quagmire2691d ago

"If gaming is to fully spread its storytelling wings there will be a need for more female leads. There are so many stories that could be told from a female perspective that would be enlightening for everyone to play, not just women. "

I was enlightened by games like Bayonetta and Tomb Raider, if thats what you meant? Giggity.

sinncross2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The articles makes the claim that whatever population of the male gamers who do not want to play as female characters take offence to their heterosexual 'privilege'with female leads. Possible, but did it ever occur to the author that perhaps this population just merely find it difficult to relate.

Unlike novels or films, games are an entertainment medium in which a user is actively in control, and not a passive voyeur onto another world. In this sense, the character becomes an extension of the player.

I'm not saying that issues of masculinity must be ignored, but I do feel the author is making an assumption without looking at the possibility of identification incompatibly, which I believe is more relevant to the problem of the article.

cmrbe2691d ago

Never heard of any one complaining about Nariko in HS. I think it was never an issue.

It's true though. I never thought about a female lead being the night in shining armor. The most recent i can think of is Byonetta but even then she really wasn't in it to save the guy lead from what i can remember although she does save his ass multiple times.

Come to think of it. I think this person just thinks too much.