The Myth That Console Exclusive Exist

There have been a lot of controversies in the gaming industry as regards the exclusivity of games, this has in recent times led to constant arguments and counter-arguments between gamers word wide, The word ‘EXCLUSIVE’ means “excluding other things: Focused or targeted on one thing (platform) only” This line of definition lays all issues of non-conformity to rest. There is no such thing as console exclusive, no matter how anyone may try to spin it, it does not exist, and anything out of the context of that definition can no longer be regarded as an Exclusive

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cmrbe2809d ago

So true. First we have exclusive. Then Console exclusive and then MS exclusive.

x360 fans are a funny breed.

MariaHelFutura2809d ago

Yes. To MSFT: Exclusive = Multiple platforms.

I think they need a LBP2 lesson in "basic logic"

DemiT2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Oh dear playstation fans!

Since the advent of emulation, Playstation exclusives are not exlusive at all!

Even low end PCs can run Ps2 exclusive showstoppers like GOW.

Just wait, it won't be long until PCs emulate the ps3 exclusives too.
I guess it's fair to say that PS3 exclusives are really PS3/PC multiplats.

I love PC gaming.

d3nworth12809d ago

( facepalm)PC emulating playstation exclusives dose not make them multiplatform. The PC is emulating playstation hardware which means you are still using a playstation in some form to play. Plus the game was made for one platform the PC is emulating that platform the game was not made for PC so its still exclusive get the point?. And on that note you FAIL!!!!!!!

snp2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Oh dear playstation fans!

Since the advent of emulation, Playstation exclusives are not exlusive at all!

Even low end PCs can run Ps2 exclusive showstoppers like GOW.


Is it possible to buy PC versions of these games? I thought they were exclusively stamped PS2 releases? I can understand a PS2 stamped game - with Sony royalties from a PS2 game sale - running under emulation (and i think Sony would be more than happy to have these extra customers/dollars, even if they aren't buying systems to go along with them - PS2's would provide little profit at this point; the money is in the game sales), but how does one buy these game discs in PC form without proceeds going towards the PS2 games divisions/Sony? It's not possible, is it?

Unless you're advocating piracy?

Are you advocating piracy?

Just wait, it won't be long until PCs emulate the ps3 exclusives too.
I guess it's fair to say that PS3 exclusives are really PS3/PC multiplats.

If and when that time comes. But you're introducing another category really - sales that profit a company royalties for one system, but can technically be played on another under emulation. Not quite the typical version of the word 'multiplatform'. Your hypothetical potentially reduces 'system' sales, but ironically increases market for PS2/PS3 game sales (not equivalents, but literally PS2/PS3 stamped, royalty generating, copies.)

I love PC gaming.

Indeed, me to.

It's a cute point, and a nice try. But seriously, i don't think Sony could care less what you do with games you've purchased from them. You can go out and buy 100 PS2 games and use them on your PC, or use them as coasters for an early Christmas party for all they'd care. They'd be too busy counting their royalties from those extra sales.

dredgewalker2809d ago


Where does "emulation" equal to "multiplat"? I can't believe how some people do not grasp the simple concept of "exclusivity"? Is it really a hard concept to grasp?

DemiT2808d ago

Whoa! Stirred up the hornet's nest there, huh?

Of course it's not technically a multiplat
Of course it's still technically a ps2/ps3 exclusive.

But in the real world, the above don't matter.
I will be playing Gears of War3 via emulation on PC soon.
To all practical intents and purposes, it will no longer be an exclusive, but rather a multiplat.

I find it amazing that people actually care enough to get upset over this meaningless distinction lol.

dead_eye2808d ago

What you all seem to forget is that he said ps2. Sorry I ain't played a ps2 game since I got a ps3. Oh apart from HD GOW. I'm guessing he's really an xbox fanboy really.

Ocelot5252808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

video description:
"This is a low-end quad-core processor running God of War. The program is epsx2 and it is capable of reading ps2 game disks from your dvd/ drive, or a copied ISO. I do not promote piracy. Copy your own disks.

System stats:
Phenom 9150 processor running at 2100 mhz
4GB 533 ram.
8600 gt video card."

a quad core PC isn't low end, period, this CPU had the price of 3 PS2 consoles

and ps2 emulation on the PC is buggy and glitchy and requires some tech skills to configure.

the gow experience is on the PS3 with gow collection

d3nworth12808d ago

We are upset cuz an idiot like you is making us real gamers look bad. With your retarded notions. If a game is released on only 1 platform then it's an exclusive regardless of if you modify another platform to play it. You know I hate gambits in general but I really hate PC fanboys the most. They are so stuck up with a major superiority complex.

Inside_out2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Sounds like someone is upset about " console " wonder who that may be???

Doesn't matter at this point. The xbox 360 has been out for 5 going on 6 years and continues to laugh at the haters. When 360 launched all the little Asians laughed as well as many in the media. M$ lost 3.7 BILLION dollars trying to get their system off the ground last gen...they're not laughing a matter of fact...they are crying just like Africangamer.

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Sarcasm2809d ago

LOL Microsoft exclusive. That's the richest one.

What next? If it comes out on the Windows 7 phone, it's a Microsoft exclusive?

vsr2808d ago

"Only On Playstation" differs from "only on xbox" lol.

ct032809d ago

PS3 gamers and their exclusives, always reminds me of "my preeeeeciousssss....."

I hate exclusives. I want to play some of them, but they don't make me buy a platform. So I end up not playing (and buying) them.

n4gno2808d ago buy the best console, with best and more real exclusives, and don't complain anymore.

"Just wait, it won't be long until PCs emulate the ps3 exclusives too.
I guess it's fair to say that PS3 exclusives are really PS3/PC multiplats"

I like people writing from 2016.

ct032808d ago

No thanks, I don't want to buy a console.
An emulator will eventually become available, I'll just wait and play other games in the meantime rather than clutter up my place with gadgets I have barely any use for.

If there were a dozen exclusives I want then I might even buy a console. But there are only three, maybe four exclusive games I'm interested in. Not worth it.

NewsForMe2808d ago

Don't forget about idiots convinced the PS3 stole Mass Effect, a nonexclusive, from Xbox 360. PS3 fans do this shit too.

Silver3602808d ago

If you are a gamer you own both the 360 and PS3 so exclusives don't mean crap to you. This argument is just dumb. Play games not consoles!!!!!!!

MariaHelFutura2808d ago

I agree. But it doesn`t change the meaning of the word.

avengers19782808d ago

LBP, Infamous, Killzone, God of War 3, Uncharted series... all exclusive to the PS3.
Any move game, any kinect game currently is exclusive.
Nintendo has it's fair share of exclusives, and so does xbox.
Just because there are emulators that allow you to play them say on a PC doesn't mean that those games were not made exclusively for one console or one machine. Hell even PC gaming has exclusives.
Exclusive titles do exsist they were made to be played on one specific machine... just be thankful that tech savy people exsist to make the emulators.

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proudly_X2809d ago

If Gamers and the industry are to be taken seriously, Alot of sentiments and bias need to be drooped . . .

madjedi2809d ago

Humans dropping sentiments and bias, clearly you don't know humanity that well, the video game industry earns billions, i'd call the being taken seriously enough.

Unless your referring to the stuck up, rich snobs that blow millions of dollars on a painting that the upper crust considers art and the rest of us roll our eyes at in disbelief.

So how about using proper spelling, if you want to be taken so seriously as a video game journalist.

If you want to be a picky semantical ass about the meaning of the term exclusive and it's relevancy, others can turn around and do the same to your posts or your article.

Cajun Chicken2809d ago

Except for when the rights or developers are held back and owned by the exclusive console.

Convas2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

They are exactly right. There is a difference between an exclusive and an inclusive.

Exclusive - Belonging to one person, thing, party, format, etc.

Example: Uncharted is exclusive to the Playstation 3.

Inclusive - Including the stated limit or extremes in consideration or account: from 6 to 37 inclusive.

Example: Splinter Cell is a 360/PC Inclusive. It includes the 360 and PC, but NOT the PS3 and vice versa.

Good, now that we understand that, what exactly was the point again? Folk make gaming too damn complicated. Play the games you want to play and keep it simple stupid.

proudly_X2809d ago

if you read the post carefully you wouldn't be asking that question. What we are trying to do is to enhance gaming journalism, and the concept of gaming . . . the use of terminologies need to be done appropriately.

madjedi2809d ago

By making it sound, like legal document or a field of science, by using over winded terms that the average person isn't going to bother remembering or looking up? Smashing idea.

You do remember discussion of video games is supposed to be fun and exciting, not listening to a mortican, coldly and emotionlessly discuss getting a body ready for burial.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Geez, I hope some Fanboys finally realize what Exclusive means.

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