Esquire: Gran Turismo 5 Developer Interview

Kazunori Yamauchi talks to Esquire magazine's Henry Farrar-Hockley about creating Gran Turismo 5, the ultimate driving game.

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Blaster_Master2810d ago

Good interview, nothing said about the release date, but still Its good to hear what Mr. Yamauchi feels about his product.

TheOldOne2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

I just want to play this game already!!!

But yh good interview...

40cal2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

The latest GT outing, released this month, will be the biggest yet. “I think people will feel like they’re taking on the unknown,” Yamauchi says. “It won’t be just about the graphics or the physics - I think they’re going to have an experience in which they see the true potential of this thing they’re playing with.”

When was this written? It says the latest GT outing released this month.

Never mind it says at the end that the article will run in December, so GT5 in December then?

ExplosionSauce2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

They mention it near the end of the article.

We're definitely getting the game by Christmas.
(2010, for those who want to be smartasses and say 2011)

Mr2Good32810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

If this game is not perfect, and in the need of any patches in the first 4 months, it might be considered a bust by some fans. I hope this game is perfect, but he should have at least gave fans a beta to let us test some of the bugs out.

saoco2810d ago

prologue might have been the beta

Mr2Good32810d ago

lol..naw. But after reading this interview I respect his drive for prefection. I will be patiently waiting for his creation.

Bereaver2809d ago

Trust me, if Fallout isn't a bust, then Gran Turismo will NEVER be considered a bust by fans, only fanboys on the dark side.

Blaster_Master2810d ago

I wouldn't mind it actually. Anything that could benefit the game in any way would be much appreciated.

STONEY42810d ago

Beta? They've been kiosking it pretty much everywhere for the past year, I'm pretty sure that's been enough to test the bugs. Plus, patches can take care of everything these days.

And I don't know what a beta would be testing, the game is too huge. It's like having a beta for an open-world RPG, it just doesn't make any sense. The only thing a beta would be good for is online play *shudders at the thought of Prologue*.

Raider692810d ago

Kazunori team haves years of experience and they also have a team of testers,this man is nothing more than a pro on his work,so no beta needed!

skrug2810d ago

"*This article appears in the December issue of Esquire Magazine.
*Gran Turismo 5 (Sony/Polyphony Digital) is out in December on PS3. "


Narutone662810d ago

is such a down to earth humble man. No wonder he is such a respected man world wide.

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