Extreme Gamer: Power Gig: Rise of the SixString Review

'Power Gig: Rise of The SixString' success relies on two factors coming together to form one solid package; the strength of game (there is a lot of competition on this front) and the strength of the peripheral, which is a “real” guitar, well a “real-plastic” guitar that you pick or strum just like a real guitarist. "Real" is the optimal word here, because its all real, real pick, real authenticity. However, this "real" doesn't translate to the game. 'Power Gig' might win you over with its glossy packaging, but once its all opened and ready to rock, it fails.

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Projekt7tuning2811d ago

You know it's funny I have been playing Guitar and Bass for 18 years and one thing you will notice while playing, is brand new strings stretch for a while. I'm not saying this guitar is my Les Paul, but I'm sure it's construction being "shoddy" was not the reason it was going out of tune real quick. It's because you have to stretch new strings. They do that. This guy is just pissed he couldn't pick up a guitar and be Joe Satriani in ten minutes. You actually have to work at being good at playing an instrument.

This is a case of a guy who thought he was real good at Guitar Hero, so he was going to obviously be awesome in 10 minutes with a real guitar. It doesn't work that way. Didn't they even do a South Park similar to that.

As far as a tuner goes, for someone just starting out or a player who needs one, it should come with a warning on the box that it does not have one. But I'm sure the company didn't want to also have to teach the person how to use the tuner. They could have also included some websites that have an online tuner, but that requires having an ear for it.
Also the "power cord" is 80% of most rock songs. Some groups made quite a nice living form only playing power cords like Green day, nirvana, and almost every punk band ever.

I was hoping this would have gotten good reviews because I think that if someone is putting as much time in Guitar Hero as some do, Why not just learn how to play for real. I will admit being someone who can't live without my guitar, I was a hater of Guitar hero. But I was genuinely hoping this would have helped kids learn to play a real guitar. BTW, the world needs more bass players too.