Kotaku-Live blogging Lair

Alright, on to Lair. Kotaku actually has to review this game for a magazine, so they thought why not let you guys come along for a bit of the ride. Hit the jump to comment along as Kotaku plays through the beginning of the game. Kotaku loves to hear what you think.

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darkwing4100d ago

looks like he is having much fun with it!

Taker_1294100d ago

He looks like he is really enjoying it. And it was also fun to watch him play it.

medziarz4099d ago

the game seened so short :/
everything happened so quickly and was over so quickly!
why did they make the first levels end so fast
you don't get a chance to fly around the city and learn all the moves
that's so fcked up, what were they thinking?
he had to defend against catapults, i didn't notice him destroying any, nor killing any attacking dragons before the +general came+, what's going on?