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Kinect Sold Out After One Day of Sales

So you are one of the people that were looking for a Kinect but decided not to go to midnight release? You might have a hard time finding the motion controller on store shelves this holiday season. Online retailers are showing backordered status for Kinect on the biggest electronic suppliers like Best Buy and Amazon.com . What does this mean for Kinect? Well it means that the millions of advertising dollars worked, and either those "core" gamers decided to purchase the camera or they just wrangled a bunch of new customers either way, Microsoft must be happy with Kinect first shipments selling out on Day 1. Though you can still find the Kinect on the likes of Ebay it won't be long before the holiday price gouging begins. (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

math  +   1846d ago
Bidding Starts at 250.00 or you can just get a MOVE.
poe  +   1846d ago
I'd rather take a hot poker in the eye before paying 250 for a Kinect.
gigaware  +   1846d ago
Or $150 or $100 or $5 for that matter in your case.

Jealous much?

" either those "core" gamers decided to purchase the camera or they just wrangled a bunch of new customers either way"

A whole lot of both
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Crazyhorse  +   1846d ago
my bidz starts at $1 and a handful of my own poo.
visualb  +   1846d ago
you'd touch your own crap for kinect? too dedicated
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1846d ago
My vote goes to Move.

It's easy to sell out of something when you don't have much to sell to begin with.
MinskyM  +   1846d ago
"It's easy to sell out of something when you don't have much to sell to begin with."

* Kinect is in stores everywhere

* Online stores are completely stocked with Kinect bundles

* And Microsoft has been trickling out a tiny bit of non-bundle Kinects

Looks like Microsoft is attempting to have the PR both ways. Flood the stores with shipments so they can claim those shipments as sales. Keep the standalone version understocked so they can claim Kinect is 'sold out'. Have plenty of the bundles so they can force online buyers to buy yet another 360.
aceitman  +   1846d ago
i have it
its not worth the 150 price tag its ok still some issues it feels like an upgraded eyetoy and i have to say it wont stay fresh for long me and my fam had a little fun but it didnt last long we went back to the move for some sports champion fun its better with a controller the eyetoy was the same way it was fun for a little but got old fast kinect is the same ...
Heartnet  +   1845d ago
It can be sold out everywhere,a ll stock could go however if microsoft did the ol trick of giving them minimal copies ( example Shopto) it can sell out without selling taht many copies..

Just like bayonetta sold out on teh xbox 360 however it didnt sell out on ps3 but it sold more on the ps3..
Nitrowolf2  +   1846d ago
Actually have some at my local walmart (the whole case is about full which is about 10) and gamestop(not that much), i think this is just limited to online and not at the actually stores. Then again nothing over here where i live rarely sells out (which is why i never pre-order my stuff)
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kenlawson  +   1846d ago
I tried Kmart in my town no luck. Then I tried Walmart again no luck. Then I tried Gamestop and bamm they had like 10 of them. Weird.
tbone432  +   1846d ago
My walmart is the same. They have a good amount also but I did not bother to count.
Nitrowolf2  +   1846d ago
@all the people saying they saw them at retails (not online)

They are not sold out there, i bet the majority of people are getting theirs through online thus the cause for sold out all over the web.

Was going to pick it up ( i have money to burn) , just a quick question, i saw a bunch of bundle also at walmart but they are just 4GB , is there a bigger bundle for GB?

Also people this is why we read the article and not the headline, this is talking about the Online retail part of those big companies.
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stuntman369  +   1846d ago
My walmart has about 30 if your near west tenn.
aceitman  +   1846d ago
i was at walmart they
had 9 in the case and 5 kinect 360 bundles and gamestop had 4 kinects they said they had 5 come in with there 5 preorders a total of 10 kinects only 6 sold and they have 4 left its not being sold out over here in my part of jersey the move was sold out here couldnt get one in 3 weeks im just saying its not sold out even ms said the newyork times event did below what they expected...
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beardpapa  +   1846d ago
yea bidding starts here


not sold out. just people purchasing a bunch to resale.
digger18  +   1846d ago
lol...I just did a search on Ebay, there's 100's of them. Many with people selling 10 or more
skip2mylou  +   1846d ago
holy crap
DemiT  +   1846d ago

so you're saying that a few hundred kinects, bought for resale on ebay, would make a dent in millions of day 1 sell outs?

Tinfoil hats, anyone?
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KingME  +   1846d ago
Hold that thought, the numbers will be out soon.
uxo22  +   1846d ago
haha @Chug Below.
Man, it doesn't take much anymore to get a person to make of a BS story does it. Funny, when I go to the store it really doesn't concern me how they have stuff displayed nor do I care whose buying what.

I am there to get what I came for and I'm out. But I guess you guys do surveys so that you can come to N4G and report back to your fellow trolls.

So pathetic.
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Chug  +   1846d ago
Sick of hearing this crap
It may be sold out in certain locations but I was just at Walmart and Target shopping today and each store had 5 kinects that I seen.

It actually seems Target had them strategically placed, there was only one in the Kinect section at the end of the aisle by the games to try and grab the "on the fence" type of gamer who would grab it just because of the illusion of it being in high demand/low quantities and then as I was getting ready to check out they had 4 of them placed at the end of the checkout stand.

At Walmart, they had 5 Kinects on the bottom shelf right next to the Xbox 360's. And this isn't accounting the Xbox/Kinect bundles that were available at both locations.

I'm sure the damn thing is selling but I'm sick of hearing this "OMG, Kinecticayomama's are sold out teh everywhere!!!"
zeddy  +   1846d ago
so which idiot bought this then?
jack who  +   1846d ago
MaximusPrime  +   1846d ago

we all expect Kinect to sell out well after first few weeks.

its just what happen after that, dust-magnet
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ct03  +   1846d ago
It worked for the Wii. Dust magnet or not.
FordGTGuy  +   1846d ago
If you think its a dust magnet
You haven't played it.

Hater's gonna Hate.
Corepred4  +   1846d ago
People still use the term haters? lol wow thats um.. pretty lame
KingME  +   1846d ago
don't be silly
That's because haters still exist.

Perhaps we should call them "corepred4's" instead.
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Corepred4  +   1846d ago
^^lol again lame. thats fine but i guess i'm getting tired of it because everyone 'thinks' they have haters.
Moonboots  +   1846d ago
screw the haters they are getting owned at every turn..

Just enjoy the gaming.
Codeman420  +   1846d ago
i beg to differ we still have s s*** ton here at our bx. so they arent sold out.
units  +   1846d ago
i believe you random guy on the Internet
Codeman420  +   1846d ago
i like all the random kinect fanboys who disagree cause they have no idea wat they are disagreeing to
Chromer  +   1846d ago
I checked my BX last night and literally the entire section had been untouched since the morning. I found it odd considering the number of people I know who own 360s over PS3s is quite a few. Some people just don't want to listen to truth.
chilled2m  +   1846d ago
Your post makes no sense. He's clearly disagreeing with the fact that you've seen "tons of them". When it comes to believing sales numbers vs some random guy on the internet regarding the viability of Kinect... guess who were going to believe?
Moonboots  +   1846d ago
Why don't you guys drop the zip code and the store name? We can call and see who is full of sh*t or not.
nygamer28  +   1846d ago
omg you guys sound like little girls.....anyways kineck is not going to be sold out at every gamestore in the world,im pretty sure sold out is that MS has no more in stock
Codeman420  +   1846d ago

i can drop a zip code for you IP279PN. if you can figure out where that is you can come to my BX and see for yourself.
goodfellas27  +   1846d ago
they have it in nyc stores. sold out where?
xewndar1   1846d ago | Spam
All_4_One  +   1846d ago

I could go to either Target or Gamestop and buy a Kinect right now, no problems.

Another thing I`ve noticed is that pretty much every store is chock-full of Kinect/360 bundles. Those things don`t seem to be budging.
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chilled2m  +   1846d ago
I'm not quite sure what everyone's point is with this "It's not sold out LOLZ" posts every five seconds.

The data clearly shows that the kinect is selling well in it's first few days. The fact that you saw a bunch of kinects has no bearing on cold hard facts.

Your experience does not somehow define reality.
radphil  +   1846d ago
"The data clearly shows that the kinect is selling well in it's first few days. The fact that you saw a bunch of kinects has no bearing on cold hard facts. "

I'm going to contest this, but data can be shaped in ANY form to make it look positive. TECHNICALLY the Kinects at the store I manage are sold out, but that's because they're all reserved, and so far not many came by to pick them up.

Plus on the other side, you don't even know how many are at per store. We can say it was sold out at our store, but we only had 14 pre-orders of it anyways. So that's not saying a lot on hand. It's like the same with the Wii, they short-cut the supplies, and make it look like it has a high demand.
Moonboots  +   1846d ago
I was thinking the same thing.. People get off on crapping in the punch bowl.. pissing on the parade.

You can read in the comments it just angers them.

I'm saying drop the store name and zip code and people can verify the BS from the ones telling the truth. I've not been able to find Kinect anywhere since launch and even Move was in short supply for awhile but it has since been restocked.
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Neko_Mega  +   1846d ago
A store here sold out, they only had two of them and just got two in stock again.

As for the 360 bundle with kinect, every store here has overstock of them and gamestop here only had 18 preorders for it and only 17 sold. The 18th one can by the person.

Already seen use kinect and games, not much cheaper.
Neko_Mega  +   1846d ago
GameStop List Of Kinect Games
Heres a list to back up what I said.

SuperStrokey1123  +   1846d ago
not sold out where i live at all
kaveti6616  +   1846d ago
I don't drive to stores, looking for stuff I'm not interested in. I leave that to the people who have too much time on their hands and are trying to make a point about something.
Belasco  +   1846d ago
You make a good point.
slate91  +   1846d ago
But you do spend your time reading articles on things you have no intentions on buying or just not interested in at all, right? And then you go ahead and write non constructive posts. Gtf out of here.
10thnightvolley  +   1846d ago
this is just the first.. bit... when u look at it.. and calculate the exclusive 360/kinect titles.. it should pretty much... spin alot of heads... 2011 will be one real funny year indeed. 360 is basically 2 consoles in 1. at this point.

out of the 17 games i would say about 7 games would make sense.. and not repetitions of fitness plus the 5 jap kinect titles, plus the hardore controller based titles kingdom from crytek, gears3 and more that will be coming from major 3rd party publishers and studios.. 360 wont be getting dry anytime soon
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slate91  +   1846d ago
Exactly. You make a good point with that "2 consoles in 1" line.
Octo1  +   1846d ago
Really? Because I was just at Future Shop and they had 3 Kinect stand alone units and a few 360+Kinect bundles.

I know, random guy on the net claiming that its not. If you need proof I have a pic I took of the display about 45 minutes ago when I was there.

#11 (Edited 1846d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1846d ago
You do? Oh, cool! You're not annoyingly obsessed about this thing at all!
Octo1  +   1846d ago
LOL. Disagrees BOO YAA!
kaveti6616  +   1846d ago
Sure. In a confederacy of dunces, a man like me is unwanted.
Moonboots  +   1846d ago
So you actually said to yourself - "I am going to take a picture of this rack so I can come on N4G and post and tell everyone LOOK they aren't sold out"

Kaveti6616 +bub you hit the nail on the head. Scary mental.
All_4_One  +   1846d ago
"I'm saying drop the store name and zip code and people can verify the BS from the ones telling the truth."

"So you actually said to yourself - "I am going to take a picture of this rack so I can come on N4G and post and tell everyone LOOK they aren't sold out...Scary mental""

So, first you ask for proof, and then when somebody gives it to you, they`re mental? -__-
Octo1  +   1846d ago
In all seriousness I took the pic because I knew this type of article was eventually going to surface and lo and behold.But the main reason I took a pic is because I have a friend that is probably the biggest xbox fanboy and I was sure that he was going to claim that the Kinect is sold out every where here.

@ All_4_One
# First Pro Saint John
# 80 Consumers Drive
# Saint John , New Brunswick , E2J 4Z3

* Phone: (506) 657-3680
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olos  +   1846d ago
lies lies lies
when i went at 5 pm yesterday walmart sold 1
gamestop sold 0

this is PR bullcrap
dont believe the hype
chilled2m  +   1846d ago
Are you somehow suggesting that microsoft payed off all of the online retailers to show that kinect was sold out? Interesting deduction, Sherlock.
cereal_killa  +   1846d ago
Why are you even arguing with people there plenty of proof to show M$ is full of sh!t maybe just maybe these certain online retailers only received enough just to fill the pre-orders thus being sold out. it's the same Muppet's in every Kinect thread trying to fight with every other fanboy in here that there's no way that Kinect isn't sold out everywhere get a life and go play with your kinect or are you already bored of it.
Trroy  +   1846d ago
Online is there the tech junkies shop. Hence the sell outs online, but not at brick-and-mortar retail.

No matter how you spin it, Kinect's numbers will not turn out well later this month. This final bit of spin can't save it.

Dance Central... that game is awesome, but its not $200 awesome, for most people. The rest of the games just don't have the staying power. I would almost buy Kinect for Dance Central... almost, if I also had a living room big enough. But I don't, and that's that.

Increase the camera rez to 1024x1024, widen the vertical view angle some (so you can use it at a closer distance), up the sample rate to 60 Hz. Have a processor capable of devoting a core to the thing, unlike the Xenon... then its good stuff.

XBox 720 and Kinect 2 could rock the world. XBox 360 and Kinect 1... won't.
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BLAKHOODe  +   1846d ago
i'm betting that when we get the new Xbox in 2 or 3 years that they'll make it where Kinect (as in the Kinect of today) is compatible with it. i don't see a "new" Kinect coming anytime soon.
clintos59  +   1846d ago
yeah the gamestop here in my area still has alot left...
I think alot of people still waiting to get their check to buy one but yeah like I said there is still alot at my local gamestop.
whizyup  +   1846d ago
Funny how M$ has yet to claim victory in the motion controls war. Usually after 24hrs, they'd proclaim something arrogant! Or, was beating the wii's launch numbers not an easy task?

B-Real206  +   1846d ago
I was waiting for 24 hour news as well. It is something they usually do. Maybe monday we will hear something.

I'm just curious myself. There's two gamestops in downtown Seattle 1 was sold out and the other still had alot in stock. That was earlier today though.....either way enjoy it people.
TheStorm  +   1846d ago
Yea I've been all over town, there are many many many copies. They are trying to make it look more popular then it is.
chilled2m  +   1846d ago
You've been going around town looking for evidence of Kinect selling well? Why on earth would you do that? Even if you just happened to stop by each merchant for a completely different reason, still doesn't change that fact that you are claiming that you checked on the availability of Kinect all over town. Fishy fishy....
TheStorm  +   1846d ago
Uhh....you know people go to stores such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart for other things besides Kinect......are you for real?

Yea I bought 28 Days Later on blu today, went around town looking for good deals on Alien Anthology, and every where I went huge displays of Kinect with many copies left.

Are you trying to just make up stuff so you can believe Kinect is selling more then you really think?
chilled2m  +   1846d ago
Am I for real? of course I am. Still doesn't change the fact that your claiming something the numbers don't
Personally I couldn't give a damn weather or not kinect sells well. My 360 is never going to see one hooked up to it. Simply doesn't capture my interest (just like my ps3 will never see a move)
Let's not kid ourselves here, N4G has about a 80% ps3 fanbase and a 20% 360 fanbase. It's sad when people don't bother to actually debate the issues anymore.. rather this knee-jerk reaction garbage I've seen time and time again in which people will go out of their way to bash MS as though they have some sort of stake In Sony. I just don't get it.
ozstar  +   1846d ago
@TheStorm, Why did you buy 28DL on Bluray? You did know that it was shot on cheap as hell dig. video right?
KotC  +   1846d ago
I played this last night at my brothers and I have to admit Kinect is realy cool.
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blackburn5  +   1846d ago
Who cares?
gigaware  +   1846d ago
divideby0  +   1846d ago
we were at the mall tonight and Best Buy and Gamestop both had them for sale... both stores had a stack of them out on the floor... didnt really care how many

sold out not in our area
divideby0  +   1845d ago
why DA... you dont even know where I live..

and BTW... I got an email from Dell last nite and today..

they are in stock at dell for both bundles and Kinect alones

DAs what a bunch of blind fanboy losers..

want my address to show how wrong you are ping me
KaiokenKid  +   1846d ago
How many did they ship is the real question.
beavis4play  +   1846d ago
this story is bogus.
i was at my local walmart AND kmart today doing weekly shopping; and, there are currently 5 foot high stacks of the standalone kinect device - they were hard to miss being piled out in the aisles............sold out? ridiculous.
#21 (Edited 1846d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FalconR289  +   1846d ago
Lies there was at least 55 or so at my local best buy.
BLAKHOODe  +   1846d ago
i bought Kinect at Kmart and i'm proud to ADMIT that.

it seems like too many "gamers" act like they're in high school (most probably are) and form an opinion based on "whats popular" with the cool kids. try Kinect for yourself and quit letting the "cool kids" tell you what is cool. Kinect is great!
olos  +   1846d ago
lies lies lies
i love how people like to add disagrees even though its reality

i guess xbots dont like reality
PS360PCROCKS  +   1846d ago
I went to 2 best buys and they had multiple copies so this is lame.
Lawliet  +   1846d ago
Then what are those over 100 kinect packages doing in my local stores? Just one article like this will make those who purchased Kinect feel secured and lie to the masses that the thing is selling out everywhere, so get it quick while it last... How easy human can be manipulate, or should I say how easy can a continent from a large land of north-west can be manipulate.
suicidalblues  +   1845d ago
Sold out?
Haven't seen a store yet in Memphis that is sold out. So where are all these locations I wonder?

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