Trophies Reflect Skill More Than Achievements

While it's true that both the Achievements and Trophies reward systems add a considerable amount of replayability to games, it's still unclear which is superior. The main thing that Xbox 360 fans can boast is that achievements are mandatory for every game available on the Xbox 360 and it has been that way since the launch of the system. It is a shame that the trophy system Sony implemented in many of its games were not available at launch. Regardless of which was around longer, trophies and achievements are very similar, and are in direct competition for gamers attention. Here are the reasons why trophies should motivate more gamers to collect them all rather than collecting achievement points.

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xtremexx2811d ago

It takes skill to get the achievement because you have to do something specific

Nitrowolf22811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

It's not that what you have to do to earn them that they are talking about. Generally silvers go from medium to hard to reach, whereas gold are usually the hardest trophies (other then Plat)its more of how they are compared, like the author said a guy can have more trophies then you but you can be a higher level since their trophie list is filled with more bronze and little effort to gain silver or gold, where as you might not have as many bronze but you can have more silver, gold, and plats then the other guy. He goes off saying that with Live you are just comparing the gamerscore which doesn't show which doesn't exactly sort the achievemnt in a categories like psn.

another point he makes is that someone can have 10,000 points but all their games could be with 300/1000, whereas someone can have 3000 points with all their games at 1000/1000, this showing them that they have more skills (depnds) then the other guy but it lacks to show that.

JimmyJames702811d ago

Yeah, you obviously read the article and fully understood the point the author was making. Bubbles to you!

kaveti66162811d ago

Yeah but in LIVE you can also check for more specific achievements by comparing games, so the point is kind of moot, don't you think? Although, I do prefer trophies over numerical scores because they offer more substance.

I also wish developers would design custom trophies for each of their games. A trophy for a particular accomplishment might look like a necromorph limb or something.

Max Power2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

You can compare Trophies on PSN as well, so I am not sure what your meaning is. Unless you mean, that you can check out the skill of the player by comparing achievements via LIVE, but compared to Trophies where you can just click on someones PSN, it's a pain.

deafwing2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

is true ...
the comparison system is deeper but I bet your bronze trophies ms will try to one it up eventually ... anyways, yea, the class system for awards for doing things is just more organized and better reflected on ps3


I like your idea about a unique trophy for the games .. the platinum trophy would be good (but the images for each trophy meet that need already I think)

-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Lol, none of them measure any skill firstly.

I like the PS3 set up better, but this is a petty comparison. Of course PS3 players will just say Trophies are better and XBL players will say Achievements are better.

One major fault is that Trophy Level is a simple measure of all the trophies you accumulate. So if you have one gold and I have like 10 bronze trophies, they equal each other out.

Now, if you say "You can make a better in-depth comparison if you see a player's profile" the same can be said about Achievements-- you compare games and see that if a player has higher gamerscores unlocked then they are more skilled than players who only have lower gamerscore. If you disagree then you are clearly ignoring this fact. The PS3 system reflects it better, but it is no different.

Second, PS3 trophies are no differently EARNED than achievements, and that's the big indicator of skill.

The PS3 system could have been more distinguished if Sony made it like this:

All trophies should be able to be earned as gold, silver, OR bronze, and that way TRUE players with skill can be shown off to have all gold, instead on thousands of bronze trophies and a couple gold trophies.

For example, complete Stage 1 in Super Stardust and you get a bronze. Complete the same stage with a score of 2 million+ and you get silver. Complete it with a score of 5 Million+ and without dying and you get a gold. All this is one unlockable but can be unlocked in three upgradable stages.

That way, all people with bronze trophies have the potential to improve that trophy into a better rank. This shows off skill, not the system both use now.

Neither measure actual "skill"

Sony was smart in making the system better, but they should have went about a different ways to unlock those trophies. The only difference is that visual representation. You can translate that difference based on Gamerscore, but they equally require the same thing


Prove me wrong, please ;)

Nitrowolf22811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )


i am not all to familiar with the live system but if its anything like this
Then it is not the same
I notice 5,10,15,30,50,100
might have missed some, but that being the difference right there with comparison. Yes you can go in and do a better check, just like with live, you can go in comparison with the game specifically. The thing the author is pointing out is within the gamercard area where it shows you catagory of how many of each different level of trophies you have.

On Live do they show how many 5 points you have, or 10, and ect?


I think the only advantage also, is that it is better organized.

Holy F dude that is actually a great idea and would totally for me make the system a lot different. Wow that would def be interesting and IMO show off skills, cause like i said it depends cause they could still make really really easy silver or gold trophies. It would be sweet, there prob be way less trophies for games then but it would be an interesting concept, say 10 kills get you a bronze then you earn that one, and then it says you need 20 more kills to reach a silver upgrade.

idk it could complicate things now that i think about it.

@ kaveti6616 Again

"I also wish developers would design custom trophies for each of their games. A trophy for a particular accomplishment might look like a necromorph limb or something."

that is what i am hoping they would do for Home if they ever implement trophies. They don't need to do it for each trophies as that would take to much time, but they should do it for unlocking a PLATINUM Trophy. SO like Killzone 2, you get PLAT and you are rewarded with a giant, Home Avatar Size trophy Statue of a Helghast that can be displayed in your trophy room (if they ever get that up)


I wish Sony would make it Mandatory now for devs to implement in-game Music. Even other things that not many devs take advantage of like Youtube Uploading/recording or in-game screen cap.

-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Thanks ^_^

I was disappointed when I realized Sony just made the same requirements like Achievements.

By definition, if you have a system that is rewarded based on varying levels then you should be able to ACHIEVE those challenges in varying levels. The fact that it ISN'T set up like this but instead copies and pastes the Achievements shows that Trophies are just a reskinning, and hence, they fall into the same flaw of Achievements: A lack of actually measuring skill

People who say Trophies take or reflect more skill are being silly. The visual difference is just more conveniently organized for the PS3, but they both measure the same things the same way.

And Nitro, It's not at all complicated, I'm sure it could have been done if Sony went that way. If you complete the bronze requirement in a game, then complete the silver requirement then the bronze trophy upgrades/deletes gets represented as a silver.

Sony originally made trophy support optional and I think that Sony feared devs wouldn't care to support a whole different Achievement method. Most third parties don't care to support something like in-game music and since Sony makes these optional, why would they go through the task of making an Actual trophy system?

Instead, Sony just made the requirements exactly like Achievements and now devs just copy them over.

Sony makes Trophies mandatory now, but if they decided to go with an actual skill system they could have made the system a whole lot unique and could have escaped the flaw Achievements have.

No FanS Land2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

@alpha, the fact that sony's system works almost the same as the achievements could be because of the number of multiplatform games, and of course conformity with the achievements which had a major influence back then.

it would be even better though if sony coud add a XX / XX, (number of actual trophies on a possibility of ) on the gamercard.

EDIT: Maybe sony will up the system in the next PS, who knows.

kaveti66162811d ago

I said something disagreeable?


kneon2811d ago


While I like the idea of "upgradable trophies" I don't think it can be universally applied. It certainly can make sense for some trophies but there are many others for which it just wouldn't work. But they could try it on the PS4, though then it would end up being more work for the multiplat developers.

Weaksauce11382811d ago

Except I can't see what my friends progress is on a game they are currently playing. Syncing trophies is a horrible constraint on the system. I like having a little competition with people playing the same game sometimes and having to wait till they end their gaming session and go through the laborious task of syncing is lame. Especially since the lastest update that pretty much doubled sync times. It's almost archaic, get with the live updating Sony!

ChineseDemocracy2810d ago

For me there's no real difference between the two. However, I tend to give props to those who have "Platinumed" a game, as it shows mastery of the art.

plenty a tool2810d ago

you hit the nail on the head. they are earned exactly the same way!!!

and look at the disagrees from the idiotic fanboys. crappy wrote just for n4g hit getter and flame war starter, coupled with a legion of brainless slugs ready to die for the console

n4g at its finest

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jwatt2811d ago

I know achievements were out since day one but I love Trophies, I love the sound they make when I get them!

metsgaming2811d ago

thats what makes them so addicting and why you want to get more !!

GLoRyKnoT2811d ago

-love that sound as well bro! :)

OT: Trophy percentage you get decreases a lot at level 12
levels 6 - 11 require 2000 and level 12+ requires 8,000 points
So in order to gain a percentage on level 12 you will need 6 bronze or 3 silver to get to 1.125% while at level 6 if you get any of those increased the percentage by 4.5% which is a big difference.

Agent-862811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

The author makes good points about the difference, but MS could make a quick fix to show the skill level: Use a / with their gamer score to indicate out of how many possible points. For instance, a gamer score of 10,000/10,000 would show more skill than a score of 10,000/40,000.

HDgamer2811d ago

hmmm trophies sometimes give you something in home or stuff ingame.

Gam3s4lif32811d ago

achievements and trophies are exactly the same - 360 you get gamerscore for each achievement (eg - hard achievements higher gamerscore) and for trophies they go from silver gold etc. take mile high club achievement/trophies for example it was a challenge, plus does it really matter, the devs have made it the same for every console (360,ps3)

360nPS3rTheSAME2811d ago

ps3, 360 and wii fanboys STFU. This site is infested with fanboys, mostly ps3. This is coming from a person who prefers ps3 by a little more

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coolbeans2811d ago

I really don't see how there's a legit competition between the two. One gives numbers while the other graphs certain tasks which only invariably lead to giving out numbers (that being your trophy level). How's either of these giving any more sense of achievement than the other?

They're both just fun extras to have that add to the longevity of the game. Whether you made 100% or went platinum, it shows you've dedicated x amount of time to that game. Can we just leave it at that?

Supman2811d ago

can just leave it as you suck?

BlackTar1872811d ago

he is saying its easier to take notice of the players skill by seeing hey this guy has a lot of silver and golds. as apposed to hey the guy is pretty good i guess he has 20k gamerscore.

Im pretty sure that's what i got out of it. I totally agree i don't really like going thru 1000 pt games on xbox to see what they did and did not get as with some of my buddies we say for Ex. I own gold and platinum city my budy has more Silver and bronze which eludes to he plays more PSN games then i do and gets them easy ones.

If your reading this im jk : )

Supman2811d ago

well duh trophies are better!

Merivigian2811d ago

I'm pretty sure either way it's the same thing.

BlackTar1872811d ago

but bronze-gold make it easier to figure out if there just BS trophies or did some work go into getting them and not just time but skill(In a way).

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