Microsoft Xbox Kinect Launch Talkabout With Abbie Heppe and Dana Vinson

"In short, it's a Kinect fiesta on this Talkabout, and you're all invited. You don't even need to bring a controller, just your lovely selves...and some dip. We're short on dip."

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tdogg060519912664d ago

If I wanted to hear some women gripe about anything I would go to a club bring them home have sex and ask them to make me sandwiches first. Oh and I wouldn't listen they can just talk to the wall. Give me a plus one if you agree.

gigaware2664d ago

Gripe? did we watch the same video?

tdogg060519912664d ago

Dana Vinson isn't a gamer.

tunaks12663d ago

let me guess kinect is sexist

trounbyfire2663d ago

they are pathetic.

are abbie eyes to close to each other.

DANA: When you got move it didn't really work like anyone wanted it to work. it sort of worked.

ABBIE: and it required set up and calibration

DANA: you move one foot to the right your out of frame and it will not tell you how to get back in frame.

OMG not even the two minute mark yet and they already started. Hey dana you can change the PS eye to wide screen by twisting the lens.

video chat.....yeah iam done. can some one sum up the rest of the video for me. I stopped at 2:30