Nintendo believes 3DS game graphics from third-parties “have come to a fairly high level”

Nintendo recently commented on the graphics of 3DS games made by third-parties, as well as 3DS third-party support in general.

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FlyWestbrook2636d ago

Are so much better than the DS. No more blocks.

Samus HD2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

yeahh that's true .
I hope the next nintendo home console does this well from third party's

VegaShinra2636d ago

Resident Evil and everything from Capcom looks great on 3DS

FlyWestbrook2636d ago

I must see Mega Man Legends 3.

-Mezzo-2636d ago

the games are looks better than i expected.

Sarcasm2636d ago

I want one. Hope the price isnt too high though.

NnT32912636d ago

me too, hope it'll be around $200

Venox20082636d ago

at the best it will be 250...

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