Gamekult: Kinectimals Review

If EyePet had brought the animal life simulation a step further with the magic card and then through the PlayStation Move in Move Edition , Kinectimals him to jump through KINECTS. The device makes it possible to dive much more into the game and enhances interactions with the little virtual creature. With neat graphics in addition to the small protected fur Frontier Development is even more immersive. And if titles like generally appear quite repetitive after a while Kinectimals takes the lead in offering a wide range of small challenges that bring variety to the gameplay . Certainly the content is not truly original because everything and anything that was already in the genre, but the appropriate use of KINECTS changes the game from the point of making this new Kinectimals Nintendogs . An ideal game for kids (and big kids) enjoy themselves at home when they can not get out.

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R2D22811d ago

I am glad MS is pushing out the casual games first to test the tech. I am super hype to see what Kinect can do when you mix it with the 360 controller. I am a big RPG fan so lets hope that thats the first genre to introduce this.

Some thing I would like to see Kinect do in an RPG game is:

Scan my entire body and place it in the game or just my face would be great.

Voice commands.

I cant think if any more but that why I dont get paid to make games just play them.