Five Features and Improvements for PS3 and PSN

TGS discusses Five features and improvements that could bring Sony's PlayStation 3 to a new level.

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Agent-862690d ago

Good list and well written article. However, I'd probably would have included a better browser to list as well.

irepbtown2690d ago

Well written, but do PSN users really need them?
I mean, Cross game chat i personally dont care about. The loading time for XMB ofcourse needs to change. Can't forget, no sync, i remember keep having a error everytime i got to 90-99%. Didnt check trophies for a while, but now its back.

But 3D characters, doesn't Home do this?
There were others i forgot. But some of them i'm sure is not needed.

'Every little helps' - Asda

ExplosionSauce2690d ago

I agree with faster XMB and trophy loading times, although it isn't much of an issue.
And bigger system updates with lesser frequency.

There's no real need for everything else. Although they could have come up with different ideas.

Focker4202690d ago

I personally have no issue with the XMB. Loading times, what are you talking about?? It all is there in like 5 seconds.

Trophy sync only takes about 15-20 seconds. No biggie imo.

-Alpha2689d ago

There is no need for a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be added to improve the service.

For me:

1) Cross Chat/Voice Messaging

If you send messages, or have ever stopped your game to read a message you would know that this is much more useful and convenient

2) New, in-game, faster XMB, this is much needed

3) More Home integration-- ability to use your Hoe avatar for your ID avatar, for example

4) More characters for your Comment box, more background colors, avatars in general, etc.

5) Better ease of use including instantly opening messages, in-game music, etc.

They aren't "necessary" but if services like XBL and Steam have them and since they are useful changes then they should happen. Some of this is basic stuff that should happen already

FACTUAL evidence2689d ago

Seems like Sony doesn't listen to us on blog share ANYWAY but here goes!

PSN ID name change- This can be done, most people are educated to know that you can make this feature happen on PSN. Here's an EF you sony!!!

Voice messaging- Why sony why!?! Did I ask for facebook on blog share!!?! F*ck no! I'm sorry to seem like a enranged nerd but dizam! Can I get something I want for a system I put money down on!?!? Another EF you sony!

One button notifications- Face it, the in game xmb is slow as dirt in most games, here's a simpler solution, instead of having our ps3's struggle to get to the friends tab how about soon as we get a message/trophy, press the home button to instantly go to the recently earned trophy/message. Again.....EF you sony!!

I have sooo many more features but i don't even want to get myself heated over it. Love my PS but wtf.....I for one am sick of my online ID, I want a name change feature, and there's no way I want to lose ALL my hard earned trophies, and my paid DLC. EF that. Sony, I'm going to your nearest HQ to EF you al up! Nerd rage bish!!!!

jimineyscrickets2690d ago

I would love bigger updates that occurred less often. Give me cross-game chat and an XMB that doesn't separately load every column and it would be gaming nirvana!

PirateThom2690d ago

Even background downloading for firmware would be nice (even if it didn't let you get online without it), with it only forcing it when it's downloaded (giving you an option to save your game of course).

Godmars2902690d ago

Thing is they've already established background downloading as part of PS+.

PirateThom2690d ago

I thought PS+ was autodownloading at certain times....

Focker4202690d ago

Its auto-download. If you are playing on the system when you have your auto-download scheduled it doesn't download anything.

Malice-Flare2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

#5 agree, instant sync is preferable...

#4 agree, perhaps in PS4 when the cpu is multi-ppc core...

#3 do not agree, they faster they update, the harder for hackers to try and make the system pirateable...

#2 do not agree, if i want 3D avatars, i go into home...

#1 do not agree, let the 360 have this, i want Skype...

#0 a better browser like Google Chrome...

#-1 Divx 7.0 with mkv support...

TekoIie2690d ago

You dont want cross game chat???!!! Its currently the only feature that the xbots believe makes xbox worth paying for over free psn...

Malice-Flare2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

i'd rather have that instead of Sony spending for cross-game chat servers...

plus, for a fee, i can call actual phones...

simplyRealistic182689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

um skype is better, not only would you have cross game chat (because other ps3 would have skype) but you would be able to talk to someone on a PC or their cell phone if you decided to pay for the service

So yeah, Skype instead

and yea the person in the article just want to have the same thing the 360 has ( 3d avaters...Really), why would you want sony to lessen the update when that is what hackers hate because it unpredictable

Js2Kings2690d ago

I hope however in-game XMB quickens on the PS3
I don't mind updates, I mean it like Windows, It doesn't take to long (then again I used the latest update from a flash drive, the update before that I don't remember well)

Only thins the PS3 needs IMO:
Quicker XMB in game
Multiple PSN login (or at least easier for devs to use)
PS2 playback (Not anymore though since the wait has been so long and ps2 collections are being made)

akiraburn2690d ago

I believe a lot of these are good suggestions and ideas, although I personally disagree with his thoughts on firmware updates. I would also like to see much larger and more relevant ones, but I believe doing an update only once or twice per year isn't really accurate for what they are aiming for. That aside, I personally enjoy getting even just a couple new features every 2-3 months. I think there should be a happy medium between these two, like 5-6 larger updates per year (excluding small ones they may deem necessary for security and whatnot).

Also, one thing I've considered that would be of great value (and relating to his topic of avatars), is a more thorough integration of Playstation Home into the XMB. I think accessing Home needs to be much faster and more integrated into optional functions, but most of all, I think that integration of a Home avatar into your PSN profile would be very cool and relatively desired, as well as simultaneously expanding your profile a lot more. One example is, the "Personal Info" line is extremely short, and in it's current state isn't hardly used or useful, with a small revamping, you could get to know your PSN friends more by just adding more sections and options there. I would like to see the entire PSN profile get overhauled into a really new and connected manner like that.

In addition, I also would like another expansion into the five star rating system put in recently. Although it's useful to see what everyone is generally thinking about a game, I'm much more interested in specifically what my own friends have to say, and easily being able to find out who on my friend list has bought it, so I'd like the ability to easily and quickly see what each of them individually rated a game (or even can be adapted for PSN Video Store as well) which I might be considering purchasing.

Overall, I think there should be a lot of ways that Home is connected to the XMB, giving more relevance to Home, as well as making an even more fun design. I think that this, combined with a profile overhaul, and a few of the suggestions the author wrote, could create an even more amazing experience for everyone using the PS3, PSN, and XMB.

RedPawn2690d ago

I just want a gamer profile card section.

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