Gunnars & Gaming: Placebo or Precision?

With the announcement of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops branded Gunnar Optiks glasses, we put a pair of glasses to the test and see if they actually stand up to the claims that Gunnar states.

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kdogdaddy2813d ago

As an avid Gunnar fan I started with extreme hesitation and have since grown to love the style and enhancement from Gunnar and their entire product line!

Losi2813d ago

You still need to grab another pair and send to me for my own review. ;)

Looks great!

sempercog2813d ago

All in all sC puts a stamp of approval on the Gunnar lineup!

Sarcasm2812d ago

Wait... what...?

I find that if you cant see "enemies" in shadows, I just turn up the brightness a pinch, and voila. Enemies are easily spotted.

Heck, I've been addicted to BFBC2 lately and regardless of how far or where they're hiding, for some reason that game lets you see players stick out like a sore thumb (perhaps for good reason.)

I think it's just another company trying to cash in on the gaming world selling these glasses. Then again, if it works for some people, by all means purchase it. I just have better things to spend my money on. Like Kinect, it's soooo hardcore yah know.

kdogdaddy2812d ago

I thought the same thing at first, however after hours of continued screen usage, the eye strain was alleviated while using a pair of Gunnar Optiks.

DaCajun2812d ago

You don't have to buy these over priced ones you can go to any hardware store, buy Amber safety glasses for around $20 and they work exactly the same. I worked for large factories and mills in my past with fluorescent lighting everywhere and tried a new pair of safety glasses they gave me, amber ones. They really make they area around you brighter and more crisp looking. Basically the amber lenses is filtering out certain light frequencies that crappy fluorescent lights emit causing your clarity and contrast to improve. I think they used to have similar glasses out longer that before for night driving with people who had problems driving at night from glare.

This company was just smart enough to cash in on it and make people think there's are some new tech that they can produce better to gamers or the video tech industry even though the amber safety glasses have been around for a long time. I first wore a pair over 10 years ago and still wear amber safety glasses at work because they do make the fluorescent lit indoor environments around you brighter, better looking, and reduce eyestrain.

Baka-akaB2812d ago

after noob tubes , noob glasses ?

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