How Apple Almost Got Microsoft’s Kinect Game Controller

CultofMac:"The system used a pair of cameras and an infrared sensor to highlight people and track their movements. On his laptop, Beracha showed me videos of people waving their hands in the air to control Wii-like games. He showed people controlling TV programming menus by gesturing their hands in the air. And, most impressive of all, someone flipping through a photo slide show like they were Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It was so slick, I asked him if it was CGI. It was real, he said, and so cheap, the technology could eventually be found everywhere in the home, office and car.

Of course, PrimeSense’s system is at the heart of Microsoft’s new Kinect game controller, which is getting rave reviews and looks set to be a monster hit. It’s a “crazy, magical, omigosh rush,” says the New York Times‘ David Pogue.

And it almost belonged to Apple."

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R2D22783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Playing Wolfenstine on my macintosh was king.

Coogi2782d ago

There's no either did or you didn't.

vault13er2782d ago

I doubt Apple cares. iPhone and iOS is where it's at and Google knows this which is why Android is more or less the open source alternative that's just as good. MS can have their eyetoy games with watered down high-tech that isn't good for what project natal promised us. Nintendo doesn't care about Move or Kinect, they care about Apple and Google and iOS and Android. The future of gaming is portable because it's more fun to play a game anywhere you want than glued to a couch. I guarantee Nintendo does not at all see Sony or Microsoft as competitors any longer. They are laughably four years late to the playing field they created. The focus is on mobile, something both Sony and MS actually have a vested interest in. Only thing is Winmo sucks and Sony has yet to make a gaming phone. Nintendo has no all-in-one device to speak of so I really recommend teaming up with a Japanese partner like Samsung or even kiss&make up with Sony at this point. The console is dead. Long live the console. Even MS says so otherwise that money would've went toward actual new hardware instead of Cirque du Solei and Justin Bieber endorsements

Filthy2782d ago

I dont know anyone who would rather pop bubbles on their iphone then sit down, relax, and console themselves with some console gaming. Yeah, mobile gaming is nice, but its not replacing its inspiration, its just there because we love to play games at home so much so its nice to be able to do it elsewhere once in a while. And really, seriously kinect? Does anybody actually feel like the easiest way to interface with anything is by making large motions with your arms and hoping they are recognized by that candybar on a cord?