FileFront: Microsoft’s Kinect Review

Microsoft really, really likes to introduce new technology. The former Project Natal is finally here and with the arrival of motion-based control and the voice activated navigation features Xbox 360 owners everywhere will be asking the big question… Is this a big deal?

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EasilyTheBest2728d ago

...but not at trolling...

A fair review if you ask me.

im-12-years-old2728d ago

What? so does that mean he is a successful troll?

karl2728d ago

oh he is insulting him..
and then oh wait... what? Oo

SasanovaS19872728d ago

i have a feeling gamestop will stop accepting kinects when they get overfilled with returned purchases...then it will quickly go on sale USED for like 50 bucks

Arnon2728d ago

Except, Kinect is selling out everywhere it seems, and every person who has purchased it and comes into my store says they're thoroughly enjoying it, especially Dance Central. Surprisingly, Kinectimals seems to be a solid title as well.

However, the real show begins in 2011 with Child of Eden, Codename D, Haunt, Rise of Nightmares, and Project Draco. Here's hoping these titles are good.

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clintos592728d ago

Dont worry u wont be the controller for long.

Odin7772728d ago

I think Microsoft should add some type of controller to Kinect for more complex games. That would make it a tad more appealing.

Anorexorcist2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Microsoft is known for BS'ing the audience and making bold claims that they eventually contradict. They'll accept 3D gaming and blu ray with open arms one day, just as well with some kind of tangible control device for the Kinect

Their slogan for Kinect: "It isn't hard to let go when you have nothing to hold on to" made me laugh, just for the fact that I know they'll disregard that ideology and try to sell some overpriced controller for the Kinect one day.

COINTELPRO2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

I don't know about you guys but at school getting a 60 out of a 100 is a failing grade. Just putting that out there. 500 million down the drain. It's gonna fail so hard! :D

Pandemic2728d ago

Half of those people that purchased it will probably request a refund.

SyphonFilter2728d ago

you seem hurt it got a crap score. scored less than move at ign and engadget gave it a 6/10 as well. Anything can sell out if you only put like 3-4 per store. in the long run it won't sell.

Ashriel2728d ago

uh, nice link, with no actual numbers and coming from a single retailer...

try harder next time ;)

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divideby02728d ago

agreeed.... at least where I come from

but gaming is not the real world.. developers put out broken games all the time.. suckers rush out and buy them... and then to make bigger fools of themselves defend the developers who release broken games

yea to me I dont even think about buying anything in gaming with scores < 85.... rental or bargin bin or wait for the big price drop

moodymofo2728d ago

yea elmo sells out every year to, that doesnt meen its the greatest toy ever

Moonboots2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Decent review but I have a problem with the space requirements being a con. All these motion controls need space. I would not recommend standing in a 1 or 2 foot radius of the Wii and Move and expect them to work.. What do people expect when they buy a motion controller?

The other complaints I think are going to be updated as they move forward. I can't believe the whole Dash isn't controllable with Kinect, I'm sure that is going to happen soon. The killer app is subjective and it seems Dance Central is finding success but I'm sure those are coming in the next waves of titles. MS could of really used one OMG Kinect title but it seems they wanted simple family games for launch.